Get Fatter with Princess Krist’s Feedee Feeding Plan

Hi fatties! I’ve come up with a feeding plan to help you gain the weight that you need to gain to make me happy. This eating plan is not for the weak at heart. I am going to push you to your limits and I know you can succeed! You know I want you to get fat…. but not just fat, I want you huge! Practically immobile… and that means you have to eat! I spent all morning coming up with a 3 meals from each of 3 different fast food joints.There are 9 meals in all and you can mix and match if you don’t have all 3 places in your area. I am going to hold up my eating plan for each place close to the camera so that you can pause the clip and write down the info so you don’t mess it up! Do you want to get fat for me? I know you do. Start my feeding plan and I’ll help you reach your biggest fantasy! (There is no domination/humiliation in this video)

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your beautiful Goddess Kristi telling you to eat more and more and get fatter and fatter by food stuffing way too much food! Princess Kristi wants you to gain a lot of weight and get very fat for her so you must follow Kristi’s feedee feeding plan and continue to gain weight for your Princess!

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