Fuck Your Aunt Into Labor

Your sexy aunt is super knocked up and is quite miserable. You were asked to deliver some things to your aunt and once you arrived at her house you couldn’t help but feel sympathy for her condition. It can’t be easy to be so hugely pregnant!

Aunt Kristi happily greets you and makes some small talk, mainly about how uncomfortable she is and how she wishes her labor would hurry up and start. The conversation switches to you and about your plans for the summer when you mention that you were not able to buy a car as you thought you would, so you are stuck at home for the entire summer.

You were quite suprised when you preggo aunt offered to buy you a car…. if you do something for her. She is so desperate to get this baby out of her that she would do just about anything… including fucking you, her nephew. Your hot aunt actually offered to buy you a car if you would cum in her pussy… this caught you off guard but you couldn’t help but sprout a hard on at the question.

Just the thought of being balls deep in your hot fucking aunt was enough to make you rock hard. You couldn’t believe this was really happening… and you weren’t sure if you should do it. What’s the worst that can happen anyways? She is already pregnant so no worries there… she is hot as fuck and pregnant chicks have always turned you on.

You decide to go for it… you are totally going to creampie your aunt’s sexy pussy. Pregnant pussy is bomb and it was totally worth it… until she got a contraction! You didn’t think that you could actually start her labor that fast but it is definitely happening… and fast!

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