Food Stuffing Burger and Fries Made Me Pregnant!

Hey babe! I’m home from work and I stopped and got myself a delicious burger combo! I am SO starving, I just have to eat now. Mmmm this burger is like the best burger I’ve ever ate! Nom nom nom….. ouch! What was that? Something kicked inside my belly! No babe, it wasn’t gas. I felt a kick! Oh well, I’m too hungry to care. I have to finish eating this burger first! Yum yum nom no… OUCH! Now I’m sure I felt it… I felt a kick and it feels like…. a baby! OMG babe! I think this burger made me pregnant! Look at how huge my belly suddenly got and I totally feel a baby kicking inside of my belly! Yes, I’m definitely pregnant. I’m not sure how this happened but all of a sudden I am incredibly horny with my huge pregnant belly. I want you to get on the bed so I can fuck you so good with my huge pregnant food stuffed belly! Mmmm yes babe, I love feeling your cock so deep inside of me and my huge belly makes it feel even better! I still can’t believe I got pregnant by eating a burger and fries… wow!

Runtime: 31 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your girlfriend Kristi over eats and facestuffs a big burger and fries while letting you watch her eat and she suddenly turns in to a pregnant woman! Kristi’s belly feels weird after she eats her burger and her belly becomes transformed in to a big bloated pregnant belly! Kristi loves being fucked while her belly is so big and bloated so she asks you to fuck her pussy while looking at her big bloated belly! Enjoy this sexy overeating and facestuffing virtual sex video!

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