Findom Cum Tax Game: Virgin Losers

This is a custom made video, (no personal names are used). Email me to order yours!
(This video references virgin a few times but non virgins can play along too!) What I’d like is a sexy striptease while you tease & humiliate me with your words & body… but there is a twist of sorts. I would very much like to tribute for my orgasm. I’ve given it some thought & felt maybe a good way is the tribute starts off very low, so if I cum early it’s not much, as you strip off, the tribute amount if I cum rises, so as you take off your socks, it goes up a little to say $5, then your breasts $10, ass $25, pussy $50, if I accidentally cum during it I tribute the specified amount, after awhile of teasing when nude, at the end of the clips, I’d like a reward of sorts, deep down, as said I would very much like to tribute you so instead I’d like a choice, as a reward for lasting all the way through, I can either tribute $10 but ruin my orgasm by taking my hand away, or tribute $25 & have that full amazing orgasm you’ve helped boil in my balls. At the end if you’re happy too I’d like to cum while looking at the soles of your feet & either your pussy or your ass… or alternatively, a close up of your boobs squeezed together works wonderfully too. Also while I think of it, if you’d like feel free to specify a rule such as I can’t stop stroking or let go of my cock during the clip, to make it a little tougher if you wish but it’s up to you.

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy femdom Princess Kristi plays a sexy findom game with you. You can stroke your loser dick for your beautiful Princess Kristi but bring your wallet because you will be paying a cum tax for busting a nut to this sexy Princess.

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