Eat Your Cum for Princess Kristi

Your beautiful Princess is looking so sexy today in this see through lingerie… right, loser? Ofcourse I am… I always do! I am feeling so generous today, really I am! Infact, I am feeling so nice that I am going to allow you to stroke your cock for me today. I’m even going to encourage you to! I am going to tell you to stroke it for me while I show off my awesome Goddess titties… I am going to guide you all the way through a fantastic stroke session and I’m going to let you cum, too! All you have to do is stroke for me, build up a huge load of cum, and squirt the whole load right into your hand. That’s it loser, don’t waste a single drop. I want your balls fully milked into your hand. Wow, that is such a big load! I really gave you a workout today, didn’t I loser? Now there is only one more thing to do. Put your hand up to your face, stick out your tongue…. and EAT it loser! Do it, eat it all for your sweet beautiful Princess. Don’t forget to clean inbetween your fingers with your tongue!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful sexy Princess Kristi makes you stroke your loser dick for her sexy big booty and perfect tits until she drains your cock and makes you eat your cucm like the sperm licking loser you are in this sexy jerk off instruction cei clip!

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