Describe 3 Legitimate Fears You Have

and explain how they became fears….

This is today’s blog topic and it’s an easy one. I am a big scardy cat. I don’t like a lot of things and I like to think of myself as a generally safe person.

Ok so…

1. I am scared of planes and flying and I will never ever fly anywhere. Reason? 9/11, Con Air, Snakes on a Plane,… need I say more??

2. I am also super scared of drowning and for that reason I will never ever go on a cruise or anything else that involves me in the ocean. Reason? The Titanic!

3. The next thing is definitely flying insects, especially bees and wasps. I am allergic to both and if I even hear buzzing coming my way I take off running.

Now that you know that I am a huge puss, here is a sexy pic for you!



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