Day 3 : Your Top 5 Pet Peeves

My top 5 pet peeves….

1. People who whine and complain about everything. I don’t mean the casual complaint either… I mean like everything that comes out of their mouth is negative boo hoo shit. I hate hate hate that! I am a totally positive upbeat person and I just don’t have any time for crybabies.

2. This is similar to #1 but different: Adults who act like little kids. I can’t stand grown ass people who get their feelings hurt over childish petty bullshit like not having a birthday party thrown for them or not getting a cake for their birthday. I mean really people? You are 30 years old, do you NEED a birthday cake or a party? I thought that shit was for kids. Act like a fucking adult for Christ’s sake.

3. Jealous women. This is another thing that just bothers the crap out of me. I can’t stand all of the drama bullshit I see on a daily basis in the online porn world. There is always somebody talking shit or hating or calling other girls out over some stupid crap that’s not even worth it. I don’t even associate with people like that. It’s obvious they are just as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside when they act like a bunch of bitches.

4. Animals who act like they are starving 24 hours a day. Heh this is a funny one but I am totally serious. I have 2 bulldogges and 3 cats and I feed all of them 2-3 times a day but the bastards still follow me around begging for scraps of food ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. The cats are so bad they will sit and do this awful hungry meow all fucking day… all fucking day… I am totally not lying. They act like they haven’t been fed in weeks. Ugh it makes me so mad, it makes me not want to feed them for a couple of days.

5. People who can’t spell. Mainly just women who can’t spell…. men don’t bother me so much for some reason but when I see a chick online who cannot spell it just drives me mad. I want to correct them so bad but I don’t. My main peeves are the ones who write “there” instead of “their”, “your” instead of “you’re”, and any stupid abbreviations like “u” when you could of just typed 2 extra letters and made the correct word “you”. This is especially bad when they claim to be in college or have a college degree and still write like this…. makes me wonder what kind of college they are going to.

Welp that’s my 5 top pet peeves… that’s really the only pet peeves I have. I am generally a really happy care free person but those 5 things just drive me nuts… I try to ignore it but I can’t 🙂

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