Cum Have a Smoke With Me

I love smoking for you. I really do. I love lighting up a sexy cigarette and inhaling so deeply while knowing that your cock is getting hard watching me. I love smoking so much that it just isn’t enough that I am smoking… I want you to smoke with me! I want you to grab a cigarette and light it up at the same time as I do. I want you to smoke on your cigarette while jerking your cock per my instructions while I am teasing you with my sexy smoking. You are going to be so turned on watching me tease you with my sexy body and wet pink pussy while smoking and it’s going to really push you over the edge to be puffing on your own cigarette at the same time. Get ready to experience your smoking fetish like never before because this video is really going to rock your world!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Smoking Goddess Kristi lights up a menthol cigarette and inhales deeply while showing off her huge perky tits and shaved pussy. Kristi asks you to enjoy a cigarette with her while she is rubbing her pussy and teasing you with her smoking fetish clip.

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