Cum For Me Babe, I’m In Labor!

Oh babe… I am so tired of being pregnant! I am so huge… so uncomfortable… I can’t breathe or rest good lately and I’ve been having these stupid contractions for days now! I am so over this! I wish I would just go into labor already… I’m done! I feel so fat and unattractive and I just want my body back!

Awww babe, really? You still think I’m sexy? That’s so sweet babe… it does make me feel much better. You know, I think I just need to rub some lotion on my belly and remember how much I enjoyed being pregnant up until these past few weeks. You would like to watch me lotion my belly, wouldn’t you babe? Yeah you totally would… you’ve always been in love with my huge pregnant belly!

OUCH! Ugh, this stupid contractions are getting stronger and they hurt so bad…. babe! Are you getting hard right now? Oh you are… your cock is throbbing! Oh that’s right, I remember now. You get turned on watching my contracting belly… I remember how turned on you got last week when I had that round of early contractions. Hmmm… you know babe, there isn’t much time left for us to have some sexy time together so….

How about if I let you stroke your cock and cum for my big sexy belly one last time? I know how to cause some really strong contractions… all I have to do is use my hitachi vibrator and make myself have a huge orgasm then my contractions will start. It happens every time and I get some very intense contractions after an orgasm.

Go ahead baby, pull that sexy cock out and start stroking while I make myself cum. Mmmmmm ohhhh mmmmm yes…. that felt so good, I love having orgasms while I’m pregnant…. OUCH! See! Here comes the contractions and…. oh no… these are super intense and close together. I think I might have…. oh babe, I think this is it. I think I’m in labor! Owwww these hurt bad and I am feeling a lot of pressure… down there. Hurry babe, you have to hurry and stroke that big hard cock for my contracting belly and you have to blow your load before I…. have to rush to the hospital! I ‘m in labor babe and it’s happening fast! Stroke for my contracting belly babe!

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