Crossing My Legs in Sheer Pantyhose

I am wearing a pair of very sheer pantyhose that perfectly show off every detail of my sexy feet, legs, and toes. I am lying on my floor teasing you with my legs and feet. I start to cross my legs…. right over left, left over right,…. I know this is making you so very hard so I continue to cross my legs. I lift my legs up and show you my toes, my sexy pink toes, then I start crossing my legs again. I cross and recross my legs in a variety of different ways, over the knee, over the thighs, and at the ankles. My thick sexy legs and thighs look absolutely amazing when they are crossed in pantyhose!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sex fetish Princess Kristi shows off her thick legs and thighs while crossing and uncrossing her pantyhose covered legs! Your cock is going to get the ultimate workout rubbing one out to this incredible crossed legs in pantyhose fetish clip!

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