Controlled By My Perfect Feet and Toes

This was a custom commissioned video (no personal names used), email me to order yours!
You explain how easy it is to control me and how weak and I am by any part of you: from your beautiful face, your long dark hair (you flick and caress it in front of the camera), your perfect hands and nails (which you show to the camera), your long legs, amazing breasts (which you lower your top slowly and show your amazing breasts), perfection in every way. But even more how you so control me just by the sight of your perfect feet. You then remove your heels and wriggle and show your perfect feet. Specifically how you are going to me so that I am weak at the mere sight of perfect your toes and toenails. You remind me how you own me, and even my erections are at your command. You describe how you are re-enforcing your control and power over me, your helpless obedient puppet. I am mesmerized to obey and worship you. My body is under your control and yields to your will and desires. Your commands are my desires. As you mesmerize me, you explain to me that without even stroking, that I will feel my cock get uncontrollably harder, and harder for you. You tell me that I ampowerless to control my dick as it is yours and under your control. You describe how it gets bigger and stiffer and incredibly hard at the sight ofyour perfect feet, and every time you wriggle your toes and show your nails, I get even more uncontrollably harder. You explain this is natural as you own me, and i shouldnt be afraid. You command me to stroke my cock that is raging hard and twitching under your spell. You praise me for obeying you good boy, and instruct me with an amazing cum countdown. You explain to me that in cumming, I will be even more weak and vulnerable to you in the future, totally under your control and weak with desire for you, my perfect goddess.

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Foot fetish Goddess Kristi controls your mind and your cock with her perfect feet and toes. Kristi wiggles her painted toes and mesmerizes you with her perfect wrinkled feet. Kristi completely mind fucks you while giving jerk off instruction until you cum so hard for her sexy painted toes and wrinkled soles in this sexy toenail fetish foot worship video!

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