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Oily Feet and Pregnant Belly

My big pregnant belly is getting so huge! It grows bigger and bigger everyday so it is really important that I keep it oiled up so I don’t get any stretchmarks! I love the way my body feels when I am slicked up with coconut oil so I always oil my feet too. I am going to show off my sexy pregnant belly and my beautiful feet while I apply tons of shiny coconut oil to them. You will love seeing my beautiful oily feet and my huge bloated pregnant belly covered in oil in this video!

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You’ll like this video if you like a huge preggo chick rubbing her fat baby factory with lots of wet and messy oil. Big pregnant belly and sexy foot fetish oil rubbing and big bloated belly fetish clip!

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22 Weeks Pregnant Measure/Weigh In and Oily Belly Rubbing JOI

I am over half way through my pregnancy and I have definitely gained some inches and pounds this week! I am SO excited to show you my new gains and how much bigger my belly has grown. My weight has definitely increased too… must be all of those pregnancy cravings! I am wearing a sexy purple lingerie but it doesn’t stay on for long! After I do my measurements and weigh in and I take my lingerie off and grab the oil so I can give you a sexy oily belly rubbing jerk off instruction session! I show off my sexy big pregnant belly in many different positions while rubbing it with oil and encouraging you to stroke your hard dick for me. I keep going until you can’t possibly take another stroke then I let you bust a huge nut for my sexy bloated pregnant belly! Don’t miss this video, you definitely want to see my gains this week!

Runtime: 15 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy pregnant Princess Kristi is 22 weeks pregnant and her sexy preggo belly is huge bloated and round! Kristi gives a sexy pregnant strip tease and shows off her big pregnant belly after measuring and weighing herself. Kristi loves showing you how much fatter she has gotten this week and how many inches her big pregnant belly has gained. Kristi tells you to start jerking your hard cock for her pregnant belly and pussy and gives you amazing pregnant masturbation instruction until you cum so hard for her sexy bloated pregnant belly in this erotic weight gain pregnant masturbation instruction preggo joi clip!

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Jerk For My Big Oily Titties

It’s time to pull out that big hard cock and stroke to my luscious titties! I am sitting in a hot bubble bath and I have a bottle of oil with me. I love oiling my huge DD titties and that’s exactly what I am going to do for you. I pour tons of oil on my big luscious tits and I rub it in… squeezing and rubbing all over my breasts. I show you how great they look up close and further away while giving you gently jerk off encouragement. Yes baby, I want you to stroke that hard cock while I show off my oily titties for you… do it!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot camgirl gives your cock jerk off encouragement while rubbing her big DD titties with lots of baby oil in the bubble bath! You’ll love stroking that dick to these big oily titties and this sexy hot camgirl Kinky Kristi!

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Hot Girl Washing Long Hair Sudsy Hair Washing Clip

It’s been years since I’ve done a hair washing video and I’ve been receiving quite a few requests for it lately. I love taking bubble baths but I rarely have time… I did find some free time today and I wanted to share the experience with you! I am sitting in my hot bath full of bubbles and my long dark brown hair is curly. I start out by pouring water on my hair soaking my curls and making my hair heavy and straight. Once my hair is saturate with water I get a few squirts of shampoo and start lathering my long brown hair. I lather it so good that I have piles of soapy bubbles on my hands, down my neck, and in my hair. Once I am done with the first lather I rinse my hair free of shampoo and I get a few more squirts of shampoo. I start lathering my hair again and this time there are twice as many soapy bubbles. I lather and lather making sure my hair is spotless and clean before I do a final rinse. Beautiful crystal clear high definition video, you must see this one!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot girl loves washing her hair with lots of bubbles and suds for you in the bathtub! Get ready to stroke your big hard cock so good to sexy Princess Kristi washing her long brown hair making tons of sudsy bubbles in this long hair washing clip!

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Crushing Food in My Sporty White Ankle Socks

I absolutely love crushing food and objects… but I especially love crushing food! Today I have a few chocolate snack cakes and I am wearing my sporty white ankle socks. I am going to crush these chocolate snakcs with my feet while I am wearing these cute white socks. I really love the way it feels to smoosh food beneathe my powerful feet while they are covered with socks… and I bet you are going to love watching the mess I make on these white socks!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kristi wears sporty white ankle socks on her sexy feet and squishes and crushes chocolate snack food with her sock covered feet. Kinky Kristi loves crushing and foot crushes lots of food under her feet in this hot food crush foot crushing fetish clip!

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