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Your Giantess Vore Fantasy Dream Come True

Babe! I need you to come home right now! I have something very important to talk to you about and I cannot tell you over the phone…. so hurry! Babe, finally! It took you long enough to get here… so…. Yes I have something to talk to you about. See, I was using our computer today and I just had this urge to check the browser history… well, when I did I found this…. strange website. It was a site where women were shrinking down men to tiny little people and eating them! It dawned on me that the reason you have been going there is because you have this fetish too! Is it true babe?? Why did you never tell me this before? I could have helped you… Yes I can help you babe! I guess you never really figured it out but I have the ability to shrink men myself…. yes I do babe! You must not pay attention very well since you’ve never noticed…. what? Still don’t believe me? I guess I am going to have to prove it to you… there is no going back now! I am going to shrink you down to the tiniest little man ever and I am going to eat you babe! Then I will have so much fun digesting you and eventually evacuating you into the depths of my toilet bowl!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

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Giantess Kristi Eats the Anti Vore Police

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!As you have been eating so many little people recently, they have sent an anti-vore policeman to question you! (plain clothes detective, so you don’t need to find a tiny figure in police uniform …). He presents you with his warrant card. You find this really funny, laughing and asking how he’s going to stop you eating people if he’s inside your digestive system. Yes, you’re going to eat him, and make a viedo diary of the entire process then send it to the chief of the anti-vore police. Hey, you say, don’t look so sad, you can patrol my belly for a bit and make sure there isn’t any crime going on down there.
You taunt the police, asking if their top detective is about to be your dinner. Then you open wide and pop the cop in your mouth, sloshing him around a bit to get him ready. You open your mouth to give a final glance of him, then swallow. Patting your belly, you burp happily.
The next sequence is a few hours later, with you giving a sitrep for the police HQ – lifting up your top so we can see if he’s made your naked belly bulge at all. Yes, he’s digesting really well, you say, and you swallow another little guy just to show the vore police can’t stop you.
Later that day you provide another update. Bending over, you slide your pants down with your back to the camera, saying that the vore policeman needs to make a final report – and you deliver a bare-ass fart! It’s Kristi 1, Vore Police nil!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

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The Very Horny Giantess Masturbation and Vore Fetish Clip

It was such a pleasant day with a lovely Giantess taking a nap when she awoke to find a tiny little man on her pillow. Shocked, she asked the little man what he was doing in her house. He told her that he was there because the Giantess was so beautiful that he could not resist. Lucky for this little man that the Giantess was horny instead of hungry so she told the little man that he would be pleasing her today. She takes the little man and rubs him on her nipples before sliding him down to her panties. She pulls her panties off and using the little man in the most intimate way to bring herself to an incredible Giantess orgasm. Now the Giantess feels relaxed but oh no!, she now feels hungry too. The little man has already served his purpose so she decides she might as well eat him to satisfy her after orgasm hunger. Mmmm he tasted so good and as a bonus he tasted like sweet pussy juice. This little man was not so lucky today…. are you next?

Runtime: 11 minutes.

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Hungry Giantess Eats Many Tiny Shrunken Men

I am a very hungry Giantess because I have been on a diet lately. I was getting too big around the middle with all the shrunken men I was eating so I cut them out of my diet. Imagine my surprise today when I walk into my living room only to find 6 tiny men in my house! I was so angry and hungry, I didn’t care why they were in my house…. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to resist these tasty little men. I lift each shrunken man up, one by one, dropping them into my mouth and swallowing each one whole. I tease and taunt each little man as I am holding him in the air close to my mouth. I taste test some of them and others I all but immediately swallow whole. They fight and plead but nothing works, I am too hungry to change my mind now. Mmmm, this was the tastiest snack ever… I just hate the way I can still feel them moving around in my belly after I swallow them. Oh little men, can’t you just please be still and wait for my stomach to digest you?!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

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Sexy Giantess Kristi Swallows You Whole Digestion Vore Clip

Today is your day to get swallowed alive. I have already swallowed all of your other friends this week. Infact, my diet has consisted of only shrunken men for the whole week and it’s finally your turn. I am going to drop you into my mouth and you are going to travel down my throat and into my belly where my stomach juices will slowly digest you before you continue to travel through my intestines and finally out of my asshole. I have a plea though, once I swallow you, can you please not move around so much in there? The guy I swallowed yesterday is giving me the worst gas and it is hurting my belly so much! I let off a fart for proof and ask you again to please be still once you are in my belly. I show you the last place that you will ever be before you are disposed of then after I am done talking to you I lift you up and hold you above my mouth, saying my final goodbye before I lower you into my mouth and swallow you whole…. gulp!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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Kitty Snacks – Kitty Cosplay with Vore Video

“Kitty Snacks – Kitty Cosplay with Vore”
Meowwwww. I am such a sexy kitty but I am sooo hungry. Luckily as I was prancing around I came across a group of yummy mice. I am so hungry I just can’t help myself, I must eat some of them. They beg and cry for me to stop but I am too hungry to resist their tasty little bodies. I love chewing them up, one by one, infront of their little friends. I manage to curb my hunger a bit to save a few of them for later…..mmmm meow! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 6:44 minutes.

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Giantess Kristi Eating You Loser Video

“Giantess Kristi Eating You Loser”
You are such a pathetic loser. I am so tired of you always being broke and never being able to give me the money I deserve. Since I have no purpose for you anymore I am going to finally dispose of you. To do that, I will be eating you. So get ready, I am going to use my magical Princess powers to shrink you into a bite size loser and swallow you whole but first I am going to play with you a bit first. I want to show off my huge sexy giantess body. Once I swallow you I’ll let my stomach acids do the rest. Bye loser, have fun being digested! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 6:19 minutes.

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