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Toe Sucking Foot Loser Gets to Cum

Consider this my gift to you this year, loser. I’m feeling extra nice today so I’m going to let you stroke and cum for my sexy stinky worn high heels. I have several pairs to choose from and I’ll let you sample a few. Even though I’m letting you touch your worthless dick today, you are still a toe sucking foot loser and will be treated as such.

After all, your place in this world is beneath my Goddess feet so get ready to serve, worship, and cum, heel bitch.

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Pregnant Babe Wants You to Cum on Her Red Toes and Spread Pussy

I am looking so incredibly sexy today… My beautiful pregnant body glows and my red painted toes are absolutely perfect. I know how much my body turns you on and I know how much my square shiny red painted toes makes your cock hard. I am wearing my sexy purple bikini and it doesn’t take me long to strip it off and show off my thick pregnant body. I spread my wet pussy and show you how juicy I am while encouraging you to jerk your dick so good for me. I show off my perfect red toes in these sexy black heels while your cock gets harder and harder. I spread my pussy and show off my toes and encourage you to jerk so hard for me until you cannot possibly take one more stroke then I allow you to cum so hard for my sexy red painted toes!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy pregnant babe Kristi loves showing off her growing baby bump, high heels and red painted toes. Kristi strips out of her bikini and encourages you to stroke your big throbbing cock for her gorgeous pregnant body and sexy legs in these black high heels. She spreads her juicy wet pink slit and gives you jerk off instruction and a cum countdown for her sexy red painted toes. Don’t miss this incredibly sexy pregnant foot fetish jerk off instruction cum countdown on red painted toes video!

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You Crave My Heels and Humiliation

Hello again shoe slut! Today is a lucky day for you because I am going to let you stroke your loser dick for my sexy high heels! That’s right, no tricks… just incredible stroking for my super sexy heels! I know you crave a little verbal humiliation as well so I’ll give you some of that, too 😉 Buy this clip and get stroking, shoe bitch!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Femdom Princess Kristi forces you to bow down and worship her sexy stiletto high heels like a heel sucking loser. You will worship her sexy high heels while you are stroking your loser dick in this sexy femdom high heel fetish joi clip.

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Worship My Pink High Heels While You Are Stroking Your Dick

I am wearing my super sexy pink fetish heels and I just know the minute you see them your cock is going to go crazy! You totally have a thing for sexy heels and these pink heels are going to rock your socks! I am going to tease and please you… showing off my pink sexy heels while encouraging you to stroke your hard cock for me. I am going to make you stroke more and more and more for my pink high heels until I know you just can’t take any more and then you will blow your load for my heels at my command. This is going to be an amazing orgasm to my pink high heels so be ready to stroke that cock!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Getting your cock for sexy Princess Kristi’s tall pink fetish heels. She shows off her huge perky tits while instructing you to jerk for her heels in this sexy high heel masturbation instruction video!

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You Are a Loser Boot Humper!

Do I look sexy in my beautiful grey boots? Oh yes, you know I do. Boots are your weakness, aren’t they? You get weak and stupid and so easy to manipulate when you are faced with a dominate Goddess in a pair of boots. That’s right, you do. You are just a boot humping loser so addicted to me. You deserve nothing more than a pair of dirty boots and a little humiliation.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Get down on your knees and worship Princess Kristi’s sexy dirty grey boots. You will lick these beautiful Goddess boots with your tongue getting them clean with your mouth worshipping boots in your new job loser and you will worship beautiful Goddess Kristi in this femdom pov boot fetish clip!

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Destroying My Dirty Worn Sneakers Clothes Destruction Clip

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a sneaker destruction video and I just happened to have a pair of really old sneakers that needed to be disposed of! I put on my old dirty worn sneakers and show them off to you for a moment before I grab my scissors and start cutting away! I snip the laces first, then I cut the tongues out, then I start snipping the front until my toes are full exposed! I keep cutting and cutting until I cut them all the way up and my feet are full exposed through them! I completely destroy these sneakers! Such a hot sneaker destruction video!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Hot fetish porn girl Kinky Kristi cuts up and destroys a pair of old sneakers! Kristi loves clothes destruction and destroying sneakers for your enjoyment in this shoes destruction clothes destruction clip!

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