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Queefing and JOI in Shiny Grey Pantyhose

You just love hearing my pussy fart, don’t you? I know you do, that’s why I am going to spoil you with another super sexy queefing video! I am wearing my sexy shiny grey pantyhose with no panties in this video and I am going to rip queef after queef while giving you sexy masturbation instruction! You are going to make that cock feel so good for me while listening to my sexy queefs and JOI!

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kristi loves letting you stroke your cock while she is queefing in pantyhose! Kristi loves blowing pussy farts in shiny pantyhose while showing off her big juicy ass in this sexy pantyhose fetish queefing fetish video!

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Sexy Hot Girl Queefs in Tight Pants Video Clip

I had tons of positive feedback from my last queefing video so I wanted to do another one! This time I am wearing a black tank top and black liquid leggings and I am going to queef through my leggings. They sound so bubbly and sexy, you are going to love these leggings queefs! I even pull my leggings down and give a few naked queefs at the end. Lots of queefing in this video!

Runtime: 4 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot girl queefs in leather pants! Kinky Kristi gives lots of pussy farts and queefs in tight pants in the queef clip!

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