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The Wheel of Popper Intox

Are you ready for the most intense popper joi game ever? I have my wheel here and I have wrote numbers from 1 through 5 on it. When it is time for you to take more hits from your poppers I will spin the wheel and whatever number that it lands on will be how many popper hits you take! Do you think you can handle me today? There are going to be some intense popper hits as well as incredible teasing from my gorgeous naked body along with my sexy jerk off instructions. Grab your cock and get ready to have the most mind blowing popper induced orgasm ever!

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You’ll like this video if you like getting high as fuck on poppers while jerking your cock for sexy pregnant Kristi. Spin the wheel and sniff your popper hits while beating your dick until you bust a nut for sexy preggo Kristi’s popper fetish clip.

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Popper Intox Edging with Big Sexy Titties

It’s time to get completely mind fucked again with your poppers and my big sexy titties. I am going to make you stroke your cock while taking hits off your poppers in increasing amounts while teasing and edging you with my big sexy titties. We are going to get you started off slow with just one hit from your poppers and things will get more intense very quickly. You will be doing multiple popper hits until you are absolutely fucked out of your mind and with the help of my big tits and sexy edging technique you will cum harder than you’ve ever cum before!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Big titty popper Princess Kristi gives you amazing jerk off instruction while instructing you to take poppers hit while jerking for her huge titties. Kristi gets you completely mind fucked and high as fuck on your poppers while edging your cock for her big veiny titties until you cum so hard for her tits in this sexy popper joi big titty jerk off instruction popper masturbation instruction edging clip!

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Electric Popper Intox and CEI

This is a custom commissioned video (no personal names are used), email me to order yours!

I would like for you to mind fuck me with my po.ppers and my electric gear. My set up is electro butt plug and and electrode that goes around the base of my cock and holds my balls tight and the other electrode goes just under the gland of my cock, leaving me free to cum. Please mention the butt plug and electrics throughout, instructing me to turn up the power, increase the intensity, make the pulses faster or slower or even to stop the pulsing if you want to edge me or tease me. Although my hands are not involved I can make the unit stroke faster or slower, make the sensations light or really deep, pleasurable or painful. I can make it start slow and gradually stroke faster too.
I want you to edge me, tease me, make it progressively more stimulating or painful while making me intox on my po.ppers. I will need lots of lube for my plug and electrodes. After you deliver my amazing orgasm I want to be forced to eat my cum at your will… make me swallow my load for you, Princess.

Runtime: 17 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Popper Princess Kristi instructs you to jerk your cock using your electric toys and getting mind fucked on your poppers! Kristi wants you to intox on poppers while playing with you electrodes on your cock until you cum so hard and are forced to swallow your cum in this sexy electric play popper fetish CEI clip!

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Intense Popper JOI with Edging

You’ve been asking for another mind blowing popper joi experience and here it is! I am wearing my sexy red lingerie and I am ready to get you completely fucked up and stroking your cock. We are going to do a bit of cock edging while we are playing with your poppers. I am going to slowly show you more and more of my incredible body while gradually increasing the number of popper hits until I have built up the biggest most amazing orgasm that you will ever have!

Runtime: 26 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Popper Princess Kristi gives you amazing JOI and edging while getting you intoxed on your poppers! You will intox on poppers while jerking your dick to Kristi’s jerk off instructions! Grab you dick and get ready for this intense popper mind fuck fetish clip!

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Intense Popper JOI in Pink Lingerie and Heels with Kinky Kristi

Get your poppers ready because it is time to blow your mind and your balls! I am wearing some very slutty pink lingerie and fetish heels and I am going to give you the best popper induced orgasm that you’ve had…. since my last popper video! You know you absolutely love my special popper technique and just can’t wait to sit back, grab your cock and press play! I am going to walk you through an intense jerk off instruction while teasing you with my perfect shaved pussy. I am going to tell you exactly when to do each hit of your poppers. I am going to gradually increase the number of hits you do from 1 all the way up to 5…. can you handle it? Can you handle my uber sexiness and 5 euphoric hits of your poppers? I guess we are going to find out, aren’t we? I know you can’t resist….

Runtime: 17 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kristi gets you high on poppers and makes you stroke your dick while being so mind fucked. She keeps you jerking and hitting your poppers while being teased by her perfect pink pussy and tits until you have the best orgasm ever!

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Smoking JOI and Cum Eating Instruction with Poppers

Are you ready for another out of this world mind fucked popper experience?? That is exactly what I have for you today and in this video I am smoking one of my long brown More 120s cigarettes. I make you stroke your cock so good for me while directing you to get fucked out of your mind on your poppers. I walk you through the most amazing jerk off session of your life all while hitting up your poppers and when you are ready to cum I instruct you to do it exactly how I want it…. then you are going to eat it! I know you wimp out after you cum and refuse to eat it but this time you’ll do it with the help of your poppers and your beautiful Princess!

Runtime: 12 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot Goddess Kristi gives you jerk off instruction while making you intox on your poppers and eat your cum after jerking your dick while she smokes a long brown More 120s cigarette for you in this sexy loser smoking popper jerk off instruction clip!

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Sexy Popper Jerk Off Instruction

This is a very sexy instructional popper jerk off instruction clip that you simply cannot miss! I am wearing my sexy fishnet dress and my bling heels and this outfit in combination with me not wearing any panties is going to drive you absolutely wild! I start out making you jerk slow for me… just enough to get the really pumping. I get you worked up wanting more and more until I make you stop and take a hit from your poppers. I get you fucked out of your mind and high as a kite as I am instructing you to jerk your dick at the pace I choose. I keep this going until you simply cannot take anymore and I allow you to have the best orgasm of your life! You are going to need days to recover from this one!

Runtime: 16 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy fetish lover Princess Kristi loves getting you fucked out of your mind and high as hell on your poppers. Kristi is going to make you take hits from your poppers while giving you intense popper jerk off instruction and popper masturbation instruction in this sexy popper joi clip!

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Popper Induced SPH Jerk Off Instruction

Are you ready for some intense humiliation and SPH while you are doing poppers? I hope so because we are just about to get started. Make sure you have your popper supplies ready to go when you start this video. You are a loser with a small penis and I am going to remind you of that while I am letting you jerk your pathetic cock all while keeping you mind fucked and begging for more. With you the use of your poppers I am going to degrade and humiliate you for being such a worthless loser that your wife won’t even fuck you anymore… and that’s when you know you are at the lowest possible point! Your penis is just absolutely inadequate at best! You’ll be rock hard, high out of your mind and begging for an orgasm while knowing that you are an absolutely pathetic loser. My words will be echoing in your head for weeks after you watch this video, reminding you that you are a popper addicted slut…. you’ve been warned, loser.

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful sexy Princess Kristi laughs and humiliates you for being a small dick popper addicted loser that can’t even get fucked by your wife! All you can do is hit your poppers and jerk your worthless dick for my perfect Princess cleavage in this sexy small penis humiliation popper clip!

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