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Sexy Red Lips Smoking Jerk Off Instruction

I am wearing my bright red lipstick and I am absolutely craving a Marlboro Red 100s. I am going to light up and puff on my cigarette while showing off my delicious huge tits and red lips. You won’t be able to resist stroking your hard cock while listening to my erotic voice tell you to touch yourself for me. My shiny red lips are going to push you right over the edge to an amazing smoking orgasm while you are watching them elegantly wrap around the butt on my long strong cigarette, taking deep snap inhales and blowing out huge clouds of sexy smoke! Don’t miss this smoking video, it is one of the most erotic you will ever see!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy smoking Goddess Kristi shows off her perfect bright red lips while smoking a Marlboro Red 100s for you. Kristi makes you jerk your hard cock for her sexy red lips smoking cigarettes in this erotic red lipstick smoking fetish masturbation instruction smoking joi clip!

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Black Gloves Smoky Blowjob in Red Lipstick

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
I am wearing black shiny pants, black shiny gloves, a purple tank top, and ultra red lipstick. I have a big dildo suctioned to the wall and I need to smoke. I grab one of my all white Virginia Slims 120’s from the package and light it up. I begin to talk to you about how much I love your cock. I love how hard your cock is and how it feels in my gloved hand. I blow my cigarette smoke on your cock while giving you a sensual handjob. I start to crave more of your cock, I want to do more to it. I want to wrap my red lips around your cock and give you a smoky blowjob. I light up another VS 120 and begin to suck your cock. I give you a sexy red lipstick blowjob while smoking my cigarette, leaving red lipstick rings around your cock. Very sexy smoking blowjob in black gloves!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy MILF porn girl Kinky Kristi fulfills your custom video requests by emailing her! She loves to indulge in red lipstick dildo sucking while smoking Virginia Slims in this VS 120s smoking fetish clip!

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Sexy Pink Lips For You! Lipstick Fetish


I’m back with another sexy lipstick fetish video for my lipstick lovers! This time I am using a sexy pinkish red lipstick called “Berry Rich”. It looks amazing on my sexy lips and I am going to show you just how amazing it looks! I start out applying a coat of lipstick, then I tease you with my sexy lips blowing you kisses and talking to you. I take a paper towel and blot my lips on it and show you the lip print before I apply another coat of lipstick. I give you close ups of my sexy lips and blow more kissed before I blot my lips a third time and apply a final coat of sexy pink lipstick right up close to the camera! My lips look amazing and it’s just like you are there with me thanks to the awesome clarity of my high definition video! Buy now lipstick lovers, you’ll love this one! Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

 Runtime: 5 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky fetish girl Kristi applying nice pink lipstick to her sexy lips and blotting on paper for you! Kristi loves painting her sexy lips with lipstick in this sexy high definition lipstick fetish video!


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Glossy Pink Lips Upclose Cigarette Smoking

Tonight I decided to give you a special little treat. I know you love it when I smoke for you but I know it really turns you on when I am wearing a sexy pink lipstick. I went a step further and even had gloss to put on over my pink lipstick. I keep my face close to the camera while I light up my cigarette and take a deep inhale. I continue to smoke for you while having a little “smoke talk” with you. I bring my lips even closer to the camera and give you very close ups while I inhale and exhale my cigarette. I keep doing this until I am down to the last drag! Finally my cigarette is gone and I bid you a farewell until the next smoke break! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 4 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy fetish girl Kristi shows off her sexy lips after putting on pink gloss lipstick while smoking a cigarette for you! Kinky Kristi loves to indulge in your smoking fetish while wearing glossy pink lipstick in this smoking fetish clip!


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Applying Red Lipstick and Gloss


My lips are always sexy but they look way sexier when they are painted with red lipstick and lots of shiny gloss. I show you how I apply my red lipstick then I use lots of gloss and thoroughly cover my lips in shiny gloss over my red lipstick. When I am done applying my lipstick I bring my lips close to the camera and show them off. I pucker my lips and give you air kisses and smile all while showing off my sexy red glossy lips! Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

 Runtime: 3 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky milf Kristi shows off her sexy lips and applies a sexy red lipstick and gloss in this incredibly sexy lipstick fetish video!

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Hot Girl Wearing Pink Gloss and Lipstick Fetish Clip


Hi lipstick lovers! I am back with a brand new lipstick color. This is a sexy pink and it sure does look good on my lips. I even have some very wet looking gloss today too. I show you my unpainted lips first then I start applying my pink lipstick. I get it on nie and thick while talking to you then I apply some gloss. I like my gloss really thick so it looks very wet and you are going to love the way my lips look after I put on several coats of lipstick and gloss. I even apply more lipstick on top of my gloss then an extra layer of gloss. I have SO much lipstick on my lips and they look so shiny and wet, you are going to love it!

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky milf Kristi shows off her sexy lips and applies a sexy pink lipstick and gloss in this incredibly sexy lipstick fetish video!

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