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Hot Mom Gives Jerk Off Instruction in Pantyhose Crossed Legs Fetish Clip


I am wearing my incredibly sexy flower pantyhose and I am sitting in my chair. I start by showing your my sexy thick legs and thighs in these pantyhose, talking to you about how you like my pantyhose covered legs. I know how much this turns you on and I know the other thing that drives you wild…. crossing my legs! I start to cross my legs in my pantyhose. I cross my legs over the thigh with each leg while telling you to stroke your cock for me. I keep encouraging you to stroke while crossing and recrossing my legs. I lean back in my chair and put my pantyhose covered legs in the air and start crossing my legs at the ankles and shins. I keep crossing my legs over and over while telling you to stroke and finally to cum all over my crossed pantyhose covered legs.

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kinky Kristi shows off and teases your cock with her thick legs in shiny floral pantyhose. She will make your cock so hard watching her cross and uncross her sexy pantyhose legs while giving jerk off instruction for your hard cock. Jerk your dick and cum so hard for Princess Kristi’s sexy crossed legs fetish pantyhose covered legs joi clip!

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Goddess Worship in Shiny Pantyhose and Shiny Heels

Mmmmm it’s so tempting isn’t it? Seeing the incredibly sexy preview to this clip and seeing the ultra expensive price tag. You are sitting at your computer wondering whether it’s worth it or not. You sit and watch the preview over and over again, my sexy pantyhose covered legs and shiny heels you into submission. You know that you must see my beautiful Goddess legs and heels at all costs so you buy this video and become one step closer to total addiction… This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Princess Kristi uses her powerful legs, feet and heels to lure you into complete financial submission in this sexy goddess worship clip… can you handle the beautiful femdomme Kristi?

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Big Booty Interracial Domination Nigg3r JOI

It’s time to stroke for your beautiful white Princess, nigg3r. I am wearing my very sexy fishnet stockings and my skin tight snakeskin dress. I am going to get that nigg3r cock of yours so incredibly hard today teasing you with my thick white body. I prance around showing off my creamy white body… especially my luscious ass… getting your cock harder and harder. I am going to let you stroke it for me today… infact, I am going to make you stroke it for me today. I will make it irresistible for you to stroke your cock for my delicious body. I am going to shove my big white ass in your face and make it worship it while you are stroking your nigg3r cock. I am going to keep going and going until you are ready to cum then I will give you a nigg3r countdown and make you drain your balls. This nigg3r JOI video is going to leave you exhausted and drained!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Aryan Goddess Kristi looks so sexy in this slutty dress and fishnet stockings and she is going to make you nigg3rs worship her perfect white body by stroking your cock for her sexy creamy white ass. You will receive the best interracial domination jerk off instruction from a beautiful white goddess and you will receive a cum countdown to end this sexy interracial domination joi clip!

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Worship My Wrinkled Feet Loser!

Hello again foot bitch. I know you are a huge fucking loser for my beautiful Princess feet and I love rubbing it in your face. I am dresses up super cute today with my toe rings and ankle bracelets and I know it makes you weak to see my feet like this. I also have glitter toe nail polish on and you’ll be able to see it upclose and personal when I shove my Princess feet in your face and make you suck my toes. You are such a fucking loser, I love letting you know that I think you are a freak for getting off to feet instead of normal things that most men get off. Are you ready for more foot worship, loser? Good, buy this clip and get to it! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 7:58 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy femdom Princess Kristi shows off her sexy wrinkled feet and makes you kneel and worship her perfect feet like the loser you are! You will lick, kiss and worship Goddess Kristi’s sexy wrinkled feet and painted toes in the loser foot worship video!

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Worship Big Booty Goddess Kristi

Hello addicted or soon to be addicted loser. It’s Princess Kristi here and today we are going to sit down and you are going to listen to me talk. For being an obedient boy I will allow you to watch my big gorgeous ass in a thong while I am telling you a little about our relationship. I am a total Princess, a Goddess, and it is your purpose to worship me. You should do anything that you have to so that you can make ME happy. That’s your purpose and right now, you are going to buy this video and listen to me. This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 6:48 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful big booty Goddess Kristi makes you worship her perfect Princess body in this delicious goddess worship clip!

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Bubble Gum and Pantyhose!

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!

I was thinking maybe a 20 minute video. Start out sitting in a short dress, bare legs, and chewing gum. (Snapping, popping bubbles, blowing huge bubbles.) You are waiting for me to pick you up and take you to a five star restaurant. I enter. You say hello to me and you can’t wait to see where I’m taking you for dinner. You continue to crack gum, snap bubbles, and blow huge bubbles. You sense something is wrong. Then you realize that I hate bare legs and prefer legs in pantyhose. You take out a brand new pair of pantyhose from the wrapper and put them on very slowly like you are teasing me. You continue to crack gum, snap bubbles, and blow huge bubbles. You adjust your pantyhose, make sure everything is okay with them, and just sit there running your hands over your legs felling how smooth your legs are while cracking gum, snapping bubbles, and blowing huge bubbles. Then, somehow you get a run in your pantyhose. Do your best to make it look like and accident. Perhaps jewelry, a ring, a fingernail, etc. went through your pantyhose. Yell out “Oh no! I have a run in my pantyhose! What am I going to do?” Lots and lots of room here to ad lib. Finally you take out a bottle of nail polish and apply it to your pantyhose to try to stop the run. All along you are cracking gum, snapping bubbles, and blowing huge bubbles. When the polish dries, pull your pantyhose up in an attempt to hide the run under your dress.

Then start looking over your legs to make sure you don’t have any more runs. Then ask me to check the backs of your legs for runs since you can’t see the backs of your legs. Then, pull your dress up, show me your ass, and ask if you have any runs in your ass. (I hope you can do this with only the pantyhose on – no underwear.) Then you ask me if I like your ass in pantyhose? Then encourage me to cum as you slowly move your pantyhosed ass back and fourth in front of the camera. Save your best cracking, snapping, and bubble popping for the end. The last several minutes of the video should be just your pantyhosed ass shaking back and fourth with your loudest snapping and cracking. Maybe encourage me to cum once or twice again.

Runtime: 20 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy fetish princess Kinky Kristi indulges in your bubble gum chewing and snapping fetish wearing sexy sheer pantyhose! Kristi delivers the best girlfriend experience jerk off instruction pantyhose fetish bubble gum chewing clip!!

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