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Crushing Food in My Sporty White Ankle Socks

I absolutely love crushing food and objects… but I especially love crushing food! Today I have a few chocolate snack cakes and I am wearing my sporty white ankle socks. I am going to crush these chocolate snakcs with my feet while I am wearing these cute white socks. I really love the way it feels to smoosh food beneathe my powerful feet while they are covered with socks… and I bet you are going to love watching the mess I make on these white socks!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

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Sexy Big Booty Kristi Crushing Food with Her Juicy Ass!


I love crushing stuff with my ass. I absolutely love it! I have a big fat 40 inch ass and I can flatten just about anything under my ass. Today I have a whole pile of snack food and I am going to crush them flat, one by one. I have chocolate cupcakes, swiss rolls, and oatmeal cream pies. I start out with a cupcake and I add more and more snacks which I crush flat with my ass. I keep piling the new snacks on the pile of flat snacks and by the time I am done I have a huge pile of ass flattened snack foods! You will love seeing how flat I make these snacks with my big beautiful ass! Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

 Runtime: 8 minutes.

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Foot Crushing Chocolate Snacks – Food/Object Crush


I absolutely love crushing stuff under my feet. I especially love crushing soft foods because of the way it feels while it is squishing up between my toes as I firmly smash my foot into it. I just love it! I wanted to share a little foot food crushing with you today. I have some snack foods, 2 chocolate cupcakes, 2 oatmeal cream pies, and 2 swiss rolls. I start out with a chocolate cupcake and smash it flat into my white wooden table. Then I stick a swiss roll on the food pile and smash that. I continue to smash my snack foods with my toes and once with my heel until I have a flat pile of crush food. You will love seeing all of those snacks smash under my feet and squish between my toes! Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

 Runtime: 6 minutes.

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