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I’m Still Cheating Babe

Babe, sit down. We need to talk. I have something very important I need to tell you and it won’t be easy for you to hear this… however, it will be far too easy for me to tell you because I just don’t get a fuck about you anymore. See babe, I have still been cheating on you every night with multiple men and now I am dumping you. You are pathetic and worthless and I have no place for you in my life. Oh don’t be such a pussy… I can’t believe you are begging me to keep you! I’ve been letting all of my boyfriends cum on your side of the bed and you’ve been sleeping in it! I am such a bitch…. but, if I mean that much to you I suppose we can work something out. The rules will be: I am NEVER having sex with you again. You will be my house bitch from now on. You will clean my floors with your toothbrush. You will pay all of the bills and the mortgage and you will put the house solely in my name. Whatever is left over from your paychecks you will give to me in cash and I may or may not allow you to have a release depending on the cash amount I receive. From now on, my black leather boots will be your only sex life. You will jerk for my boots. You will clean my boots. You will be my house cleaning, bill paying, boot humping bitch. Got it babe? Good. Now jerk your pathetic dick because I am allowing you one final release before the new rules take effect!

Runtime: 15 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your cheating bitch girlfriend telling you that you are a complete loser and she is still fucking many random guys every night. You are nothing more than her pussy whipped cuckold and you will continue to pay for her lifestyle while she takes big dicks on the side. Your girlfriend loves cheating on you and rubbing it in your face like the little cuckold bitch you are.

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Sexy Black Leather Boot Worship for Losers

Look at this beautiful black leather knee high boots I’m wearing. They fit my legs perfectly, don’t they? The dark black leather compliments my creamy white skin oh so perfectly. You can’t help but want to worship these boots… right, loser? Good boy. Get down on your knees and look up at these boots in your face. What’s the first thing you want to do? You want to run your tongue up and down the heels…. do it loser! Clean these Princess boots like the loser you are and if you do it right I might just give you the humiliation you crave…

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful femdomme Kristi is going to teach you how to properly worship her Goddess leather boots in this sexy black leather boot worship clip!

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You Are a Loser Boot Humper!

Do I look sexy in my beautiful grey boots? Oh yes, you know I do. Boots are your weakness, aren’t they? You get weak and stupid and so easy to manipulate when you are faced with a dominate Goddess in a pair of boots. That’s right, you do. You are just a boot humping loser so addicted to me. You deserve nothing more than a pair of dirty boots and a little humiliation.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Get down on your knees and worship Princess Kristi’s sexy dirty grey boots. You will lick these beautiful Goddess boots with your tongue getting them clean with your mouth worshipping boots in your new job loser and you will worship beautiful Goddess Kristi in this femdom pov boot fetish clip!

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Masturbation Instruction While Smoking “More 120s” in my Grey Boots and Fencenet Leggings

It’s time for a smoke break and what better way to do it than with you! I am wearing my sexy fencenet leggings and grey boots today and I just can’t wait to light one up! I grab my More 120s and pull a cigarette from the pack and light it up. I inhale deeply and out comes a huge cloud of smoking which makes your cock incredibly hard. I tell you to pull it out so I can guide you through a smoking hot JOI session. I keep smoking while teasing you with my perfect body…. my huge bare tits and big juicy ass. You keep stroking as I am smoking and before long you have a huge load of cum built up for me. I want all of your cum so I give you a cum countdown and when I get to 1 I tell you to cum so hard for me! I want you to make a huge mess today baby, show me how much you love it when I smoke for you!

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy petite Kristi smokes a long brown More 120 cigarette while showing off her tight body for you! Get ready to stroke your cock so good for Kristi while she teasing you with her big white booty while wearing fencenet stockings and smoking cigarettes for you in this smoking fetish video!

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Sexy MILF Smokes More 120s While Giving JOI in Smoking Fetish Clip

I am dressed so sexy today in my black leather boots, thongs, and corset. I am sitting on a chair with my More 120s in front of me. They look so delicious and I really need to smoke right now. I love smoking but I love it even more when you stroke while I smoke so I tell you to pull out your cock and get it ready for me. I grab my cigarette and light it up, inhaling deeply before I blow out a big cloud of smoke. I keep smoking my More cigarette while encouraging you to stroke your cock for me. I tease you with my big tits and ass before I slide my thong off and spread my pussy for you. I keep smoking while you are stroking until I am ready for you to cum and I make you explode everywhere! I know just how to milk your cock while I am smoking for you!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Watching a sexy hot woman smoking cigarettes in black boots and a corset while you are stroking your cock so good! You are going to stroke your dick while receiving incredible smoking jerk off encouragement until you blow your wad everywhere for sexy MILF Kristi while she is indulging in your smoking fetish clip!

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