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Happy New Years Everybody!

Well the holidays are finally over!! I had the best Christmas ever. I got so much stuff for my kiddos, they got to open about 25 things a piece. It was a blast, I wanted to go all out for Christmas this year so I started buying stuff in October! I am SO glad it is over though. I can only handle so much festivities before I am done.

There is only 3 more days left of 2013 and I am super stoked about that too! I always get really excited when a new year is approaching because that means that you get another shot of doing everything you want to do in the sight of a year. I, ofcourse, have many resolutions for the new year. I am not going to list them all but a couple of my big ones are getting on cam atleast 3 days a week and just keeping my hustle going hard.

I have been having a blast with my clip stores now that I have turned them into my main income. Each month my check gets higher and higher and I freaking love. I think my calling in life was to make awesome fetish clips, I am just so good at it! I am so close to breaking an all time sales high for the month of December and that’s definitely just what I needed to end the year on a good note.

I haven’t been around much on Twitter or Tumblr since before Christmas but I wanted to take a mini vacation to rest my mind and body. I have been working straight through the weeks since September and I definitely needed a good break. I feel so recharged and energized now and I will be back full force for January!

I hope all of you have had a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and that the year turned out just how you wanted it to. If not, there is always 2014!

I am going to get back to my Angry Birds for the PS3 marathon and relax the rest of the weekend before I start working again on Monday.

XOXO, Kristi

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Your Biggest Regret in Life

This is another topic of my blog challenge.

“Your biggest regret in life”

I only have one regret in my life and it’s not saving more of the money I made. I have made so much money over the past 10 years and spent just about every bit of it to and I kick my self in the ass for not saving more. Sure I own 2 houses, property, cars, and tons of other material shit but I wish I would have been a little more frugal with my money. If I would have saved every penny I made in the past 10 years, I’d be a millionaire… yes, seriously. I’ve learned from my mistake and I have cut down my spending by A LOT and that makes me happy to see my bank account go up by so much and not seeing it dwindle away.

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I Love the Weekends!

Hi guys! So I have finished editing all of my videos I did last week and I have them queued up and ready to go. As of Thursday I had finished all of the customs that guys had ordered then between Thursday and today I received another 7 paid orders. For the past 2 weeks I have done more custom videos than videos of my choosing and I can’t say that I mind. I love doing customs and the ideas I get are always the greatest.

Anyways, I have been at my computer for 2 straight days getting these videos done and now I am getting off of here for the rest of the day. I am going to go give my house a good deep cleaning. I love cleaning house, it is very therapeutic to me… weird, I know.

Be sure to go check out my clips store and buy some clips!

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Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone

This is another blog challenge topic:

“Weird things you do when you’re alone”

I shake my ass while I’m cleaning my house.

I talk to my dog like she’s a baby just to piss her off.

I talk shit to my cat because I don’t like her because she likes to piss in my laundry.

I have full interesting conversations… with myself.

I put on the most absolute whorish make up ever then get made when I have to leave the house looking like I just got out of the strip club.

I squeeze and jiggle my belly fat because I like the way it feels.

That’s about it… I don’t do much weird stuff I guess.

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What Were Your Favorite Childhood Toys?

This is another blog challenge post:

“What were your favorite childhood toys”

Ok so I am a total dork but my all time favorite toy as a child was definitely TROLL DOLLS! OMG yes I must have had 100 of those damn nappy head dolls. I loved them so much, I had names for all of them and I had a huge table dedicated to nothing but my troll dolls. I would arrange them just right and would get so pissed when the cats would jump up there and knock them down.

My other favorite childhood toy was a magnifying glass. Yup. I remember having so much fun with this huge magnifying glass I got from somewhere, not sure where I go that from actually. I learned that if you held it just right with the sun coming through it that you could catch shit on fire and once I figured that out I had tons of fun! I never did anything destructive with it but I had a lot of fun catching little piles of leaves on fire, burning my old books, etc etc. Yup, I was a weird child.

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New Nail Polish, Woot!

So I went on a mini nail polish shopping spree! I just painted my nails a super sexy metallic red but I can’t wait to try out the “gun metal” color I just bought! Yes I am a total sucker for painting my nails.

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What is Your Dream Job and Why?

This is a good one! I am already living out my dream job. If you would have asked me over 10 years ago if I ever thought I would be getting naked on the internet for cash I would have said “fuck yeah bitches.” Seriously though… I’ve been doing what I do for almost 10 years now and I absolutely love it. I have been through many changes in my online porn career. I started out as a pay to play camgirl in the yahoo chat rooms (seriously, I feel like a dinosaur saying that… you young camgirls have no idea of what I am talking about). I cammed exclusively for a year or so before I started venturing out into making clips and having a pay site. I kept going along doing vanilla style porn until I realized that I just don’t like vanilla porn…at all. I started dabbling in fetishes and I soon realized that I absolutely love fetishes. So that’s when I changed my direction from just being a hot chick with nudes to being a seriously hot twisted chick with a filthy mind and a love of fetishes and that’s what made me into what I am today. I love this job and I don’t ever see myself quitting. Yes I work insanely long hard hours, probably more than most people would ever dream about working, but I love it and it has made me the successful woman I am today.

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