Bratty SPH in Gladiator Sandals

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I’m a big fan of a more cocky, playful mocking attitude. Not so much a cruel one.
Attire: Clothed. tighter Jeans, yoga pants, shorts etc. that shows off your legs, open toed shoes (open toed sandals or gladiator type open toed flat sandals preferred).
Perspective: Shot with one angle (no need for the camera to move). With her leg crossed at the knee and both feet visible in the shot
Scenario: You are essentially telling me that you are addicted to big cock and I am too small to satisfy you. Additionally that you know you own my cock and i’ve become a two pump chump around you so you’re going to continue to get pounded (like you deserves) by bigger dick and there is nothing I can do about it. I prefer a mocking and cocky attitude rather than a cruel one. You can move your leg and foot around (while keeping your leg crossed) to simulate the difference in what sex with me feels like (which is very little movement of leg and foot while crossed) and a bigger cock (a lot of movement of leg and foot while crossed). You can tell me to pull my cock out because jacking off and cumming to your legs and feet are what I can handle.
I love the way you mock someone jacking off, so maybe (keeping your leg crossed throughout) you can do some of that type of mocking while continually brining up that you knows I’m gonna bust my load and you own my cock that would be great. At the end if you can could count me down (then mock me for cumming so fast) that would be great.
Cocky looks, middle finger and mocking tone appreciated 🙂

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your bratty bitchy Princess humiliates and laughs at you for being a small dick loser and a premature ejaculator! She teases you with her sexy thick thighs, sexy legs, and sexy feet in gladiator sandals while mocking and laughing at your shrimp dick in this sexy bratty small penis humiliation clip!

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