Booty Pics and More!

So I have been very very busy lately building up my little mini porn empire but I did make some time this week to take some fresh free booty pics and I even grabbed some awesome screen caps from some of my latest videos.

I have also been experimenting with a lot of new fetishes here recently and I have been having a blast! I seriously love fetishes, just about all of them, and I love playing them out in the video. It just feels so right versus doing vanilla porn stuff. Honestly, porn bores me. It’s not exciting and new anymore. Fetish is where it’s at and (to be cheesy) I’m lovin’ it.

Soooo…. I have been on my computer from a minimum of 12 hours a day all the way up to 18 hours trying to get all of my projects finished. I just feel the huge need to be finished with all of my projects and literally having nothing that I *have* to do. It would make me feel so accomplished and that is what I am going to do. I am about 75% done and I think I will be finished by the weekend’s end and maybe with my household to do list too. I am so going to bust ass this weekend!

TTYL! <3




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