Blog Challenge? Not Really…

So I like the whole idea of a 30 day blog challenge but they all have some questions that are just stupid or are not relevant to me so I never can complete the whole thing. I really want to do something like this though so I am going to adapt it to fit my needs and I am going to pick topics that I actually want to talk about. I probably won’t be doing 30 days worth, either, and I won’t be posting new topics everyday. I think this will be fun though and it’s a way for my fans to get to know me on a more personal level to see that I am not just a sexy robot that barely gets any sleep…heh. So I will start the first topic tomorrow, stay tuned and enjoy this sexy picture in the mean time!

If any of my fans would like to submit a question that I could add to my blog feel free to email me at kinkykristi @


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