Baby Making Practice with Mommy (Fuck Machine)

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Kristi is a loving mother and she worries quite a bit about her sweet son. He is so naive to things that he really should understand and Kristi tries her best to prepare her son for the future. She recently heard that her son was asking questions… questions about sex… about how babies are made… and Kristi knew she needed to talk to him.

She calls him into the room and questions him for a moment… it doesn’t take long for the truth to come out. Yes, he is curious about how babies are made and he wants to find out. It’s a good thing that he has a mommy as awesome as Kristi because she knows exactly what to do!

She asks her son if he wants to practice making a baby… with mommy! This is the best way to find out, she says. After all, making a baby is super fun and it can’t be wrong if you do it with mommy. Kristi calls her boy closer… she tells him to pull his pants down… and she begins to explain just how to make a baby.

First she starts with her mouth on his cock… you must make the penis hard and slippery before you can make a baby, she tells her son. Then, after the penis is so hard and lubricated, mommy will climb on top and ride it. But having mommy on top is definitely not the best position for ejaculating, she explains.

Kristi lies back on couch and tells her son to come closer. She wants his penis in her vagina… she wants her son to fuck her pussy… to build up a huge load of semen and to ejaculate in mommy’s pussy. Yes baby, that’s right. Deep inside mommy’s pussy, that’s where you want to put your sperm, that’s how you make a baby with mommy!

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