50 Strokes for Pantyhose Booty

Are you ready to play with me? Are you my biggest jerk junky? Can you come for me no matter what the circumstances are? Let’s find out, shall we? You are going to get exactly 50 strokes of your cock in this video… only 50… and I will be counting each and every stroke. I will be teasing your hard cock with my big sexy booty in pantyhose the whole time. I will count down your strokes and you must follow my counts and my pace. The only way you are allowed to cum is if you can do it on or before the 50th stroke. If you have are not cumming by the 50th stroke, you will replay this clip and play again as many times as it takes until you are successfully able to cum per my rules. Don’t worry though, it gets so much easier the more times you play so grab you cock and let’s go… prove to me that you are the biggest jerk junky for my gorgeous ass in pantyhose!

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