Hey honey, what’s going on? Do you need something? Your father is in the shower right now…. oh honey! Why are you bringing *that* in here? You know I can’t help you right now… not with your father in the house… it would be too risky! Ummm… well, I would sure hate to leave you like that… I know how much those erections bother you. Well… maybe I can help you but we would have to be quick and quiet and we have to hurry before he gets out of the shower! Hurry honey, come over here and drop your pants. Ok,…. mommy is going to pull her big breasts out so you can look at them while I’m stroking your cock. You know I don’t like doing this stuff when your father is home but today is his day off and we won’t have another chance and mommy just can’t leave you with a raging erection like that. Now you just focus on building up a huge orgasm for mommy and hurry honey! We need to finish quickly… yes baby, that’s it. Mommy is stroking your cock so good and you just need to cum for me… ok? Hurry baby, cum all over mommy’s big titties. That’s right baby, do it! Cum on my titties!

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