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Big Brown Dildo Makes My Pussy Cream Hard

I don’t make masturbation clips very often but when I do, they are always the hottest thing ever! I just received my new 100% silicone BIG dildo in the mail and I just couldn’t wait to try it out. I knew you would love to watch me try it out for the first time so I grabbed the camcorder and got busy! I have been very very horny the past couple of days and this big silicone cock is just what I needed to really stretch and pound my pussy. This cock is way bigger than my pussy and it definitely does stretch me a bit but in the most delicious way. My pussy gets so turned on by this big fat cock that I get very creamy and you can see it all over the dildo and my pussy… mmmm! You’ll love seeing me fucking my pussy so hard and making it so creamy and delicious!

Runtime: 11 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy MILF Kinky Kristi fucks her tight pink pussy with a huge brown silicone dildo! She loves stretching and stuffing her tight wet pussy full of cock and creaming all over it in the creamy pussy masturbation video!

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Sexy Cigarette Smoking Wearing a Pink Mask

You know how much I love cigarettes, right? I really really do. I love smoking. I love cigarettes. I have to smoke all the time… I can’t go long without them. Today was one of those days that I really just needed my nicotine fix so what better way to do it than to wear a sexy alluring mask while puffing on my menthol cigarette? You are going to love watching my painted red lips wrapping around the butt of a delicious cigarette, inhaling the smoke so deeply into my lungs and letting you watch it roll back out. I even do a couple of french inhales… I love showing off and smoking for you!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy smoking Goddess Kristi smokes a cigarette for you while wearing a pink mask. She loves showing off her big titties while indulging in your smoking fetish!

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Sexy Big Booty Ass Worship & JOI in Pink Cheetah Thongs

My ass is looking even more fantastic here lately so it is the perfect time for you to get reacquainted with it! I am wearing my super sexy pink cheetah thongs and I definitely want you to worship my ass and stroke your cock today. I am going to tease you so good with my big booty while making your cock harder and harder then I will please you when I slide my thongs off and spread my big butt cheeks far apart! Your cock is going to get an amazing work out today with the help of my sweet shaved pussy, sexy asshole and big round butt! I am going to milk your cock SO good so get the lube ready and buy this clip!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Big booty Goddess Kinky Kristi shows off her big juicy white booty in sexy thongs before she takes them off and lets you jerk your dick for her asshole!

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Your Cum Belongs To Me Home Wrecking JOI

Hello pet. It’s time for us to have another talk about…. you! I have told you before, pet, that you are not allowed to fuck your wife anymore. I told you that every drop of your cum belongs to me… and only me. So why is it that you are still sticking your dick in your wife?? Wasn’t I clear enough last time? Apparently not…. Pet, today you are going to jerk your cock for me again and this time is going to be even more intense than the last. You are going to stroke and stroke and stroke until you finally realize that your cum belongs to me and no one else. When I feel that you have learned your lesson I will allow you to cum and I fully expect you to follow the rules from now on. No more fucking your ugly fat wife, pet!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful Princess Kristi shows off her Goddess body with lots of sexy cock teasing while reminding you that all of your cum belongs to her. You are NOT allowed to fuck your wife anymore!

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Sexy Pearl Panties Jerk Off Instruction

I have a special kink surprise for you today. I want you to stroke you cock for me… and I know you are going to want to after you see what I am wearing! I have on a very sexy black lingerie and my kinky pearl panties. These kinky panties have big pearls that sit right between my pussy lips and they feel SO good to wear and to look at! Once I show you my sexy panties I tell you to start stroking your dick for me. I want you to stroke just like I tell you to and I am definitely going to make it feel so good for you. You are going to keep going and going until you explode with an absolutely amazing orgasm!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kristi shows off her kinky pearl panties and lets you jerk your dick for her pretty pink shaved pussy and big perky MILF tits!

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Pink Heels and Mini Skirt Jerk Off Instruction

It’s time to give your cock another intense work out with my sexy ass! I am wearing sexy pink heels and my denim mini skirt and my ass sure does look amazing in it. I tease you with my round supple booty then I slide my purple thongs off exposing my perfect pink shaved pussy and sweet asshole. I spread my cheeks and shove my goodies in your face telling you to stroke that big hard cock for me. I make you stroke it so good that you will blow the biggest stickiest load of cum ever!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy Kinky Kristi shows off her sexy petite MILF body in a mini skirt and high heels. She makes you jerk your hard dick to her sexy white ass and pussy in a short denim miniskirt.

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You Are Really Going to Work for It This Time

Hello pet. I hope you have plenty of energy today because you are certainly going to need it for what I have in store for you. I am wearing my sexy slutty yellow dress and my sexy lacey bright orange panties. I am going to tease you with my sexy perfect body while making you stroke your cock for me. I am going to have you stroking more intensely than you ever have before…. you are going to be begging to cum for me…. but you are going to have to work hard for it pet. There will be multiple edging lead ups to a cum countdown but you won’t know which one is going to be the one that you are finally allowed to cum. I am going to edge you over and over until you are absolutely begging me to cum…. then I will allow you to cum and it will be the most amazing orgasm you have ever experienced! This is a sexy sensual femdom clip, there is no name calling or humiliation involved.

Runtime: 20 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy Kinky Kristi makes you jerk your cock, edging your hard dick to the brink of an orgasm, over and over until she finally lets you explode with the best orgasm ever! Lots of big booty teasing and big titty play in the edging joi video!

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You Are Going to Eat Your Cum for Me

Hello loser! Your sexy Princess is back with another fantastically sexy cum eating instruction sexy humiliation joi video! I am wearing a super sexy green corset in this video and I look absolutely stunning! I am going to walk you through an intense jerk off session… really teasing you with my perfect Princess body…. making your cock quiver and ache to blow a huge load for me. I am going to make sure I work you up so much that your load is absolutely huge! When it comes time to cum I will instruct you exactly how to do so… then comes the fun part! You are going to follow my every instruction and you are going to eat every last drop of your hot fresh cum for me. I know you usually lose interest in eating your cum after you actually do cum…. but trust me loser, you are going to eat it for me this time!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Femdom Princess Kristi makes you jerk your dick to her sexy Goddess body and big booty then she makes you blow a huge load and eat every last drop. Hot cock tease cum eating instruction video!

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