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Mean Baby Dick Humiliation in Sexy Black Lingerie

It’s been too long since I’ve last made a video humiliating your disgustingly small penis and today felt like the perfect day to do it. I am dressed up in my sexy see through black lingerie today and I am looking like the perfect sexy Princess that I am. I am actually feeling a bit frisky today so I am rubbing on my perfect Princess pussy until I get totally grossed out talking about your pathetic inadequate penis. It is so absolutely worthless and utterly pathetic, loser… and I am not nice in telling you today. Oh who are you kidding, loser. You totally love being humiliated about your baby dick micro penis by your perfect bitchy Princess so buy this clip!

Runtime: 4 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot Goddess Kristi teases and denies you in sexy black lacey lingerie while mocking and laughing at your pathetic small baby dick that can never please a woman. You crave Princess Kristi’s mean verbal humiliation of your small ugly penis in this sexy lingerie small penis humiliation clip!

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Jerk For My Big Oily Titties

It’s time to pull out that big hard cock and stroke to my luscious titties! I am sitting in a hot bubble bath and I have a bottle of oil with me. I love oiling my huge DD titties and that’s exactly what I am going to do for you. I pour tons of oil on my big luscious tits and I rub it in… squeezing and rubbing all over my breasts. I show you how great they look up close and further away while giving you gently jerk off encouragement. Yes baby, I want you to stroke that hard cock while I show off my oily titties for you… do it!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot camgirl gives your cock jerk off encouragement while rubbing her big DD titties with lots of baby oil in the bubble bath! You’ll love stroking that dick to these big oily titties and this sexy hot camgirl Kinky Kristi!

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The 45 Second Cum Challenge

This is a jerk off instruction cum challenge video aimed toward virgins but any of you premature ejaculating losers can enjoy it! I am looking like the sexiest Princess ever in my cute cheeky panties and my leopard top with TONS of cleavage. I give you the instructions for the game we are going to play… they are simple really. You cannot touch your cock until I tell you to and when I do give you permission, you must jerk and cum as fast as you can within the allotted time I give you. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be so sure of yourself just yet, loser! Even if you are a virgin hand humper, it’s going to be challenging to jerk and cum within 45 seconds! Get ready loser!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your beautiful kinky Goddess humiliates you for being a virgin loser by making you jerk your cock and cum within 45 seconds like the premature ejaculating loser you are! Get ready to receive amazing loser masturbation instruction and a timed orgasm in this sexy virgin humiliation jerk off instruction clip!

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Time to Make Brownies! Photo Set

Hey boys! Guess what time it is?? It’s time to make brownies! Well… you don’t have to make them, I’ll do it for you! I’ll also wear a really slutty dress with no panties on. Maybe even let some brownie batter drip onto my nipple and have you lick it up for me…. mmmmhmm! That’s everything that you get to see in this awesome photoset from


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Booty Shaking and Jerk Off Instruction in Cute Panties

I am wearing my sexy cherry top and my even sexier purple lace panties in this video. I show off my super hot body for you and I know you are getting hard just seeing me prance around in these skimpy clothes. I tease you more showing off my ass and shaking it a bit. I slide down my top and let you see my perfect DD titties then I tell you to grab your cock and start stroking it for me. I encourage you to stroke while I am stripping down and showing off my body. I get my ass close to the camera and spread it for you while guiding you to an intense orgasm…. you are going to milk every drop of cum for my big ass today!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky camgirl Kristi shows off her big booty with some sexy booty shaking and jerk off instruction! She teases you with her big cakey ass in panties while shaking and bouncing her booty then she makes you grab your cock and stroke it so good while receiving booty shaking jerk off instruction and a cum countdown in this sexy booty shaking clip!

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Bratty SPH in Gladiator Sandals

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
I’m a big fan of a more cocky, playful mocking attitude. Not so much a cruel one.
Attire: Clothed. tighter Jeans, yoga pants, shorts etc. that shows off your legs, open toed shoes (open toed sandals or gladiator type open toed flat sandals preferred).
Perspective: Shot with one angle (no need for the camera to move). With her leg crossed at the knee and both feet visible in the shot
Scenario: You are essentially telling me that you are addicted to big cock and I am too small to satisfy you. Additionally that you know you own my cock and i’ve become a two pump chump around you so you’re going to continue to get pounded (like you deserves) by bigger dick and there is nothing I can do about it. I prefer a mocking and cocky attitude rather than a cruel one. You can move your leg and foot around (while keeping your leg crossed) to simulate the difference in what sex with me feels like (which is very little movement of leg and foot while crossed) and a bigger cock (a lot of movement of leg and foot while crossed). You can tell me to pull my cock out because jacking off and cumming to your legs and feet are what I can handle.
I love the way you mock someone jacking off, so maybe (keeping your leg crossed throughout) you can do some of that type of mocking while continually brining up that you knows I’m gonna bust my load and you own my cock that would be great. At the end if you can could count me down (then mock me for cumming so fast) that would be great.
Cocky looks, middle finger and mocking tone appreciated 🙂

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your bratty bitchy Princess humiliates and laughs at you for being a small dick loser and a premature ejaculator! She teases you with her sexy thick thighs, sexy legs, and sexy feet in gladiator sandals while mocking and laughing at your shrimp dick in this sexy bratty small penis humiliation clip!

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Jerk Off For My Shaved Pussy and Wrinkled Feet

Sometimes you just need to have a great orgasm from looking at a pair of sexy feet. It sweetens the deal when you also get to stare at a wet pink pussy while you are jerking your cock to a beautiful pair of feet. I am going to make you cum harder than you’ve ever cummed before for a pair a feet when you watch this video and you will most definitely be left drained yet craving more!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot MILF Kinky Kristi shows off her sexy shaved pussy while making you jerk your dick to her sexy wrinkled feet! Kinky Kristi loves giving you jerk off instruction and sexy feet masturbation instruction while stroking for her sexy wet pussy in this foot fetish pussy teasing clip!

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Fishnet Booty Pics!





Hope you like the booty pics! Be sure to subscribe to my booty shaking website at


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