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Hot Mom Gives Virtual Foot Job

Hi baby! I know you can’t be here right now but I am still aching to give you a much deserved foot job! That’s ok, we will do the next best thing. I am going to show you exactly how I would stroke your cock with my feet while using my realistic dildo and you can stroke your cock and imagine it’s my feet there instead. This is going to be SO hot! Get your cock lubed up and ready to go… my rose colored toes have been waiting to wrap around your cock all day long. Oh yes, I love stroking it up and down, gripping my feet and toes around it, watching the precum slowly drip from it… I am going to stroke your cock until you can’t take it anymore then I am going to fully drain it all over my toes!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy MILF Kristi gives you a sexy virtual foot job with her painted toes and sexy wrinkled feet. Kristi loves wrapping her toes around your cock in this virtual foot job fantasy and making you cum so hard with her wrinkled feet and sexy painted toes in this virtual foot job video!

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You Are a Loser Boot Humper!

Do I look sexy in my beautiful grey boots? Oh yes, you know I do. Boots are your weakness, aren’t they? You get weak and stupid and so easy to manipulate when you are faced with a dominate Goddess in a pair of boots. That’s right, you do. You are just a boot humping loser so addicted to me. You deserve nothing more than a pair of dirty boots and a little humiliation.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Get down on your knees and worship Princess Kristi’s sexy dirty grey boots. You will lick these beautiful Goddess boots with your tongue getting them clean with your mouth worshipping boots in your new job loser and you will worship beautiful Goddess Kristi in this femdom pov boot fetish clip!

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Cock Sucker Training and CEI for Sissy Sluts

I am tired of you being such a closet fag. You are just about completely useless to me anyways so it’s time you share your secret with the world and come out of the closet. We are going to start teaching you the cock sucking skills needed to work the endless streets of Craigslist to make your Princess’ wallet fatter and fatter. Yes faggot, you are going to suck cock for me. You should probably grab a dildo to watch this video with. I want you learning the way I show you and getting into the mindset to be the best cock sucker that you can be. I’ll even show you how to milk a cock and swallow a load, then clean up your mess afterwards. Buy this video wanna be cocksuckers, let’s turn your fantasies into realities!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy femdom Princess Kristi wears black latex dress and black gloves while teaching you how to be a sissy cock sucker. You are a bitch loser and Humiliatrix Kristi is going to teach you how to suck cock and swallow cum like the sissy bitch you are in this cock sucker forced bi fetish clip!

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Earn Your Orgasm Financial Domination Pantyhose

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
Here is the “script” for my 6th custom. I call this “Hipnotic Ass”.
For Your outfit, I thought it would be nice to revisit the same black dress and long black gloves that You wore in my very first custom clip. But this time, You will be wearing the new Cecelia de Rafael pantyhose in the color “black”. Please wear black panties underneath.
Weaken and mind-f*ck me with Your perfect legs and feet and also exploit my new found fascination with Your ass. Rather than “booty shaking”, I prefer something a little slower, sensual and mesmerizing such as the rhythmic hip gyrations You did in my last clip.
While You’re driving me wild with Your body, You can dominate me, humiliate me, give me instructions, and/or do whatever You desire. I will be helpless to believe anything You say and do anything You wish.
At the end, once You’ve had Your way with me, I will be at Your mercy to allow me to have an orgasm. I beg of You not to leave me denied again like a pathetic fool. Thank You, Princess.

Sounds like a hot video, doesn’t it loser? Do you think you have what it takes to play this game with me? Can you accept the fact that you will be powerless against my me… you will surrender every bit of self control over to me? My beautiful body, pantyhose covered legs, feet…. I will have you on your knees, weak and begging me to give you what you truly want… what you crave, what you need! The sweet release that you’ve been holding on to that is just *dying* to come out…. You’ll do anything to cum, loser. Don’t worry, I am going to let you cum in this video… you just have to earn it first.

Runtime: 18 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful femdomme Kristi allows you to worship her perfect Princess body in pantyhose while jerking your worthless loser dick. Princess Kristi is going to let you cum but first you have to earn it and it shouldn’t be hard watching your Princess in pantyhose in this sexy financial domination JOI clip!

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Stroke Before Your Date Loser!

Hey loser! I heard you had a hot date tonight.. that you actually found a girl dumb enough to go out with you! I really can’t believe it. I guess you got super lucky, huh? Well… don’t count your blessings yet… you have to play with me first! I know you are a total loser and even the dumbest girl wouldn’t actually let you get into her pants but I want some extra reassurance that even if you do get that lucky, you won’t be able to perform for her. You are too much of a loser to get laid, the only thing you deserve is watching my videos and fucking your hand. You definitely don’t deserve any pussy, that’s for sure! So get ready loser! You are going to jerk off for ME before you go on your date! Oh don’t try to resist, there is NO way you could resist stroking for me once you see what I am wearing. I am going to let you jerk that pathetic loser cock so good and I am going to fully drain it as well. Good luck getting it up later, loser!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your beautiful sexy Princess Kristi ruins your chances at getting laid by making you stroke your loser dick and drain your balls for her before you leave. This beautiful Goddess is going to tease you dick so good with masturbation instruction with a little humiliation in this sexy jerk off instruction clip!

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Hot Girl Blows Up Big 36 Inch Balloon and Sits to Pop Balloon Fetish

I have been making a few balloon popping videos lately but I wanted to step it up even more… see, I totally have a fear of popping balloons. I’ve never in my life popped balloons with my fingers or by blowing them up until they pop. I have always been really scared of popping balloons so it was a HUGE step to start making balloon popping videos! Once I made the first one I really liked it even though it still freaks me out to pop balloons. I had a lot of fun making the balloon videos that I have already made and I’ve been getting requests to blow up and pop the really big balloons so I finally had to give in and give my fans what they want! I bought a pack of really really big balloons online and couldn’t wait until they arrived at my house! When they finally did I immediately filmed a video with one! I blew up a huge green balloon, my very first ever BIG balloon, and I popped it! It took me quite a while to finally blow this huge balloon all the way up and after I did I tied it shut and played with it. I sat on this huge balloon with my full body weight and it didn’t pop! I bounced on it and sat on it in a vareity of positions before I popped it. When it came time to pop this monstrous balloon I grabbed a toothpick (because there is NO way that I could be brave enough to pop a balloon this big with my fingers!) and I the balloon and it exploded under me making me crashed to the ground! It was totally fun and it was a huge pop!

Runtime: 12 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish content producer Kinky Kristi blows up a huge 36 inch balloon and sits to pop the big green balloon! Kinky Kristi loves blowing and blowing to blow up this massive 36 inch loon and loves sitting her big booty on the balloon until it sits to pop in this looner balloon fetish clip!

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Home Wrecking Therapist Takes Your Cum

Hello. I’m glad you came to your appointment. So let me review your case… let’s see, your wife sent you here because you are starting to develop an ED problem and she wants you to try therapy? Well, that is certainly treatable. Infact, I have a new experimental drug that has had really good success treating ED cases. Here, just take this pill and we can begin our therapy session. Ok… so, I can see that the pill has taken effect and now I can begin. Haha! That was a mind control pill and now you are completely under my control. I am a therapist, just not the type your wife thought I was! See, you don’t have an ED problem, you have an ugly wife problem and I am going to fix you up real good. With my mesmerizing voice and movements I will have you cumming only for me from now on. Your wife will never get your cum, ever again. By the time we are done with this session you will will be reprogrammed to only produce your seed for me. You nor your wife will have any idea what is going on because it will be a deep dark lust buried in your subconscious…. the need to stroke for me and only me….will be so strong, you won’t be able to deny it.

Runtime: 17 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: This sexy manipulative therapist is going to home wreck your wife and your life by making you jerk your dick to her and only her. You will not be able to fuck your wife anymore, all of your cum will belong to therapist Kristi in this sexy home wrecker joi clip!

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Kinky Kristi Blows Up and Sits to Pop Balloons Looner Fetish

I had such a great response and even more requests from my first balloon video so here is another requested balloon video! In this video I have a few already blown up balloons and I am wearing some sexy AE jeans. I am going to pop these balloons by sitting on them with my jeans covered ass. I grab each balloon, one at a time, and slide it under my ass…. I sit on it, squish it under my ass and roll around on top of it but it is just so hard to pop! I didn’t realize that popping balloons by sitting on them would be so hard! I keep trying and trying to pop this balloon under my ass and it just won’t pop…. so I reach down while the balloon is being squished under my ass and I give it a little pinch with my fingers and….POP! There it went! That was the first time I ever popped a balloon by sitting on it! I grab balloon after balloon, popping each one with my ass… some pop just from my ass, others have to be pinched while I am sitting on them but they all get popped! I had so much fun with the first few that I grab 3 more balloons and blow them up for you then I sit on those and pop them too! I had a lot of fun popping these balloons and I will definitely be doing it again soon!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky Kristi blows up lots of balloons for all of you looners and she sits on the balloons with jeans until she pops the balloons with her jeans covered ass! She blows up balloon after balloon popping all of the loons with her ass in jeans in the balloon looner fetish clip!

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