Month: January 2015

Nothing More Than a Fucking ASS Loser

You are truly a loser. You will never be anything more than a loser for a beautiful Princess ass, especially mine. My big thick white ass makes you weak. My ass controls you, it owns you. When you see my big beautiful ass filling up your computer screen you have no choice but to obey every single thing I say to you….no matter how fucked up it is. Today I just want one thing from you, one simple thing….so simple that even a loser like you would have a hard time fucking it up. You are going to clean this Goddess ass today. You are going to worship my big thick ass like it is your fucking religion. I will spread my supple ass cheeks apart and you will bury your face in my ass, licking my Goddess asshole clean just like the loser you are. Yes loser, lap it up just like a fucking d o g because that is all that you are. You are just a fucking loser for Princess Kristi’s ass and that’s all you will ever be.

Runtime: 8 minutes.

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Sexy JOI with Fishnet Stockings and Foot Fetish Jerk Off Instruction

Hi baby! I have such an awesome suprise for you today! I just know how much you love it when I wear fishnet stockings and show off my feet for you so that’s what you are getting today! Yes, it’s my treat for you. The only thing you have to do is jerk your sexy cock for me and my feet. I am going to guide you through an awesome jerk off instruction session with my fishnet covered feet as the focus and I am going to milk every last drop of cum out of you with my feet. My toes are painted a beautiful rose color and they are just perfect for jerking!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot camgirl gives joi while wearing sexy fishnet stockings. Kinky Kristi wants you to jerk your cock to her sexy feet with painted toes while she teases you with her fishnet stockings and feet in the feet fetish clip!

Your Pantyhose Therapist Financial Domination Clip

You are my patient and I am your beautiful therapist who just so happens to wear the sexiest pantyhose ever even though I know that pantyhose is your total addiction. You have been coming to me to try and cure your pantyhose, leg and feet addiction. You feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a submissive state and you fear that you soon may run across a domination pantyhose wearing Princess that is going to take you for everything your worth. You came to me begging that I cure you as I am the most well known pantyhose addiction therapist there is. I tell you to breathe deeply, in and out… in and out… I am going to put you into a trance so I can re-program your subconscious mind to not be addicted to pantyhose anymore. Once you are under the trance, I tell you my true intentions of today’s visit. I am a pantyhose therapist but not the kind you thought I was. When I am done with you, you will be completed 100% addicted to pantyhose in the worst ways possible. You won’t just be addicted to pantyhose… you’ll be addicted to me and my beautiful pantyhose covered legs and feet. You won’t understand why you feel the dire urge to see me multiple times per week and to give me more and more of your money. Every time you see me your addiction will grow stronger and stronger… until you are left broke and mind fucked.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

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You Are a Foot Addicted Virgin Loser!

This is a custom made video (no names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
I don’t really have a script, but I’m not hard to please. I would just love it if you could mainly focus on me being a virgin who is addicted to foot humiliation porn. How I spend all of my money online jerking off to clips of feet. I loved the kind of dirty feet you had in the video and I’d love to see that ago gain with black or hot pick polish. I mainly want a very humiliating foot humiliation and virgin humiliation clip.

Runtime: 22 minutes.

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Oily Feet Fetish Jerk Off Instruction Clip

Today you are going to marvel at the beauty of my feet, loser. They are beautiful, they are sexy… they are perfect! They are even more sexy when I have them oiled up… my wrinkled soles glistening into the camera. Yes foot bitch, it’s your lucky day! I am going to let your worship my beautiful oily feet close up to the camera in stunning true high definition… this is foot fetish for losers at it’s finest! I know your cock is going to be rock hard and dripping once you see my feet so I am going to be such a sweet Princess and let you jerk off and cum! No tricks, loser… this is for real!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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Can You Cum in 2 Minutes?

We are going to play a game today. It’s called “Can You Cum in 2 Minutes”. It’s very self explanatory… it’s SO easy to understand even for a loser like you! See, I am going to tease you mercilessly with my beautiful Goddess body while you are not allowed to stroke… teasing you to the brink of cumming all over yourself… then, I will start my timer. You will have 2 minutes to stroke your cock and cum for me. I will encourage you to stroke your worthless loser dick throughout the whole countdown and you will cum for me before the time runs out… because if you don’t… well, let’s just say you are going to have some painfully blue balls before you get to try again. Are you ready for the challenge, loser??

Runtime: 8 minutes.

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Sexy Black Leather Boot Worship for Losers

Look at this beautiful black leather knee high boots I’m wearing. They fit my legs perfectly, don’t they? The dark black leather compliments my creamy white skin oh so perfectly. You can’t help but want to worship these boots… right, loser? Good boy. Get down on your knees and look up at these boots in your face. What’s the first thing you want to do? You want to run your tongue up and down the heels…. do it loser! Clean these Princess boots like the loser you are and if you do it right I might just give you the humiliation you crave…

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful femdomme Kristi is going to teach you how to properly worship her Goddess leather boots in this sexy black leather boot worship clip!

Hot Girl Smokes and Masturbates Smoking Fetish Clip

Wearing fishnets and smoking has to be just about the sexiest thing ever…. right? Well, that wasn’t the case today. It got way hotter than that when I lit up my “More 120s” and started rubbing on my shaved pink pussy until I had a massive orgasm! I was just SO horny today and I also really needed to smoke too so I thought it would be extra pleasurable to smoke and make myself cum at the same time. Using only my fingers I rub my clit while smoking on my “More 120s” until I have the best orgasm ever! You are definitely going to want to see this video!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot fetish lover Kinky Kristi wearing fishnet stockings rubs her pussy and masturbates while smoking for you! Kristi loves rubbing her sweet shaved pusy until she orgasms so hard while smoking a long brown More 120 cigarette in this sexy smoking fetish clip!