Month: December 2014

Jerk Off Instruction with Sexy Feet in Fishnet Stockings Clip

My toes are painted a bright sexy pink. I am wearing a fishnet body stocking that covers my feet and I am laying on the floor with my feet close to the camera. I start rubbing my feet together making sure to show off my pink toes and I see your cock getting hard. I know you are getting so turned on by watching my play with my sexy fishnet covered feet. I tell you to stroke your cock for me while I show off my toes. I spread my legs enough to show off my shaved pussy through the hole in my fishnet body stocking while continuing to tease you with my feet. I give you different positions of me showing of my feet and pussy while telling you to stroke and finally when I know you can’t hold that huge orgasm much longer, I tell you to bust all over my fishnet covered toes. I want to feel your cum dripping between my toes and seeping into my fishnets. Extremely hot and sexy fishnet foot jerk off instruction video!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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OMG Your Cock Is SO HUGE Jerk Off Instruction

Hi baby! I want you to stroke your cock for me today… oh yes, I do. I also want to watch you while you do it. I want to see you rip that huge dick right out of your pants and start stroking it for me…. yes baby, do it! Pull it out…. OH MY! Babe! It’s HUGE! Your cock… it’s so…. BIG. I’ve never seen a cock this big before, it’s absolutely gigantic! Oh babe, you just have to stroke it for me. I want to see you stroke that massive cock, do it babe! Ohhhh yes, that’s it, stroke it so good for me. Keep going babe, keep going and going…. babe! It’s getting even bigger! I can’t believe it can’t get bigger than what it is now, wow! I bet you are going to produce a massive amount of cum, aren’t you babe? I want to see! Keep stroking, I want you to cum for me!

Runtime: 8 minutes.

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Crossing My Legs in Sheer Pantyhose

I am wearing a pair of very sheer pantyhose that perfectly show off every detail of my sexy feet, legs, and toes. I am lying on my floor teasing you with my legs and feet. I start to cross my legs…. right over left, left over right,…. I know this is making you so very hard so I continue to cross my legs. I lift my legs up and show you my toes, my sexy pink toes, then I start crossing my legs again. I cross and recross my legs in a variety of different ways, over the knee, over the thighs, and at the ankles. My thick sexy legs and thighs look absolutely amazing when they are crossed in pantyhose!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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Big Juicy White Booty Ass Worship in Fishnets

My ass seems like it has gotten even bigger and more perfect in the past month. You can really tell how absolutely incredible it is while I am wearing this fishnet body stocking. I am standing in front of you showing off my big white booty tell you to worship it. I want you to bury your face in my ass and smell it, lick it, and taste it. I spread my supple white ass cheeks apart and get to close to the camera and wink my sweet asshole for you. I wink it over and over and continue to jiggle and spread my ass for you. Very hot fishnet ass worship video!

Runtime: 4 minutes.

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Hot Mom Gives Jerk Off Instruction in Pantyhose Crossed Legs Fetish Clip


I am wearing my incredibly sexy flower pantyhose and I am sitting in my chair. I start by showing your my sexy thick legs and thighs in these pantyhose, talking to you about how you like my pantyhose covered legs. I know how much this turns you on and I know the other thing that drives you wild…. crossing my legs! I start to cross my legs in my pantyhose. I cross my legs over the thigh with each leg while telling you to stroke your cock for me. I keep encouraging you to stroke while crossing and recrossing my legs. I lean back in my chair and put my pantyhose covered legs in the air and start crossing my legs at the ankles and shins. I keep crossing my legs over and over while telling you to stroke and finally to cum all over my crossed pantyhose covered legs.

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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Naked Fucking Masturbation & Orgasm on the Floor


I was so horny all day and I finally had enough and I just had to masturbate. I wasn’t getting any cock soon so I took matters in to my own hands. I got naked and laid down on the floor and grabbed my coconut oil and my realistic dildo. I oiled my throbbing pussy up really good with the coconut oil and I got busy thrusting my awesome feeling dildo deep into my wet pussy. I fuck myself so good and I really wish I was getting my ass fucked right now so I slip a finger up my asshole while I continue to fuck myself. I flip over and ride my toy hard in doggystyle, really making my pussy dripping wet. I keep riding my toy until I am getting close to cumming so I flip back over on my back and fuck myself into a rocking hard orgasm! Mmm that was so good, almost as good as the real thing! You will love this crystal clear great lighting high definition video! I hardly ever do masturbation videos so get it while you can! <3

Runtime: 9 minutes.

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Jerk Off Instruction with Big Ass and Striped Socks

I am wearing sexy shiny silver panties and cute striped socks in this video. I look incredibly sexy and I know your cock will not be able to resist getting rock hard for me. I know this so I want you to stroke your cock for me. Yes, stroke to my big white perfect ass. I am going to tease you and please you so good with my ass in and out of my panties all while encouraging you to stroke that big cock for me until I make you bust a huge nut! Such a hot jerk off instruction video featuring my big beautiful ass!
Runtime: 7 minutes

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