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Cum Eater Whore Training CEI Jerk Off Instruction

Hello my little closet cock sucker. I know your ultimate fantasy is being sent down the road to suck cock for your beautiful Mistress and I am here to help you live out that fantasy. You’ve been a good boy by practicing eating cum, your own cum that is! But you need more practice. I am going to help you let go of your fears and embrace the true cock sucker that you really are. One day you will be confident enough to suck cocks and bring all of the cash home to me but for now you still need to practice eating and swallowing cum. When you suck a man off he wants to know that you enjoy it, that you crave it and you just are not there yet. I am going to teach you how to swallow a load of cum with a big smile on your face and a burning desire in your eyes. I will guide you to an orgasm by instructing you to stroke your cock then I will show you exactly how I want you to eat the load at the end of a cum countdown. I will also let you know that you are a cum guzzling cock whore gutterskank because that’s what you really are! Cum eating instruction jerk off instruction video! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 11:58 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy femdom Princess Kristi teaches you how to be a proper sissy that wants to suck big hard cocks and swallow loads like a bitch. Princess Kristi makes you jerk your loser dick while thinking about sucking cock and swallowing sperm in this cum eating instruction video!

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Sexy Hot Girl Showing Off Big Booty in Cute Blue Panties

My big beautiful Princess ass is back in a pair of blue nylon panties and it wants you to worship it. My ass looks so thick and juicy in these panties and you won’t be able to resist burying your face in my face and inhaling my Goddess scent. Do you think you deserve to worship this Princess ass? If you are worthy you will be allowed to stick your face in my ass and worship my thick white ass. I love spreading my supple ass cheeks wide open and letting you get upclose and personal with my big white ass and asshole. Mmmmm yes, this Goddess ass was made for worshiping. This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Big booty camgirl showing off big white booty in cute blue nylon panties. You’ll love watching this sexy tight ass spreading and teasing you while making you ass worship this big booty in cute panties. Sexiest panty fetish ass worship video ever from Princess Kristi!

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Ruin Your Own Orgasm Loser! Ruined Orgasms

Hi hi loser! I have a fun game for us to play tonight. You are such a jerk junky for my big beautiful Princess ass but I am not going to let you cum to my ass tonight, atleast not in a way that you will enjoy it. Nope, not in the slightest loser! Infact, I am going to make you ruin your own orgasm! I know you are addicted to stroking to my big perfect ass and you couldn’t resist no matter how hard you tried so I am going to use that to my full advantage. I am going to tell you to stroke to my ass, my big juicy white ass, and I am going to tease you mercilessly with it and make you stroke until you have to cum then I will give you a cum countdown. When I count down all the way to 1 you are going to cover your pee hole with your thumb and trap the squirting cum inside of your penis. You are going to keep your thumb there until you are no longer orgasm then I will allow you to release your thumb…. I bet it’s going to hurt…hehe. Up to the challenge, jerk loser? I know you’ll do it even though it won’t be any fun for you because you are just that type of loser! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 12:55 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky Princess Kristi gives you amazing jerk off instruction and makes you stroke your pathetic dick for her beautiful big booty and asshole. She gives amazing masturbation instruction while showing off her big ass and when you cum she is going to ruin your orgasm in this sexy ruined orgasm clip!

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Such a wonderful Saturday!

I am having such a great Saturday. It is kinda my off day but I am still working on videos and such so I guess I’m not technically off. I have a couple of webcam sessions booked tonight and you can get yours are I have been working on some really awesome videos that are being auto schedule to release over the next week. Make sure you keep checking back here or on my clip stores to see them when they come out.

Other than that, I am just enjoying a delicious green smoothie.


I can’t believe I never tried these when I was younger. They are just so absolutely good and so very good for you too. I love them. Definitely my new obsession.

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Smoking in My Sexy Blue Nylon Panties Smoking Fetish

Don’t you just love it when I wear sexy pinkish red lipstick and I wrap my sexy lips around the butt of a cigarette and take a huge puff then blow out a cloud of delicious smoke? Good, because that is what you are going to see today! I absolutely love smoking for you and what better way to do it than dressed up so sexy with perfectly painted lips! I am wearing my new sexy blue nylon panties and I make sure to show off my big beautiful round ass while I am smoking for you! I also show off my big perfky titties a little as well. Super hot smoking video with lots of big juicy booty teasing! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy big booty camgirl Kinky Kristi shows off her perfect cakey booty in blue nylon panties while indulging in your sexy hot girl smoking fetish. You’ll love watching this hot girl smoking in panties in this super sexy ass worship smoking fetish video!

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Lacey Pink Bra Fetish Jerk Off Instruction JOI

Hi bra lover! Today I am wearing a sexy lacey pink bra with flower accents on the cups and straps and I am going to use my sexy bra to make you bust a huge nut. I lightly tease you in the beginning for being weird and getting off to bras instead of normal stuff then it’s on to the pure sexiness of hearing my beautiful voice guide you to a huge satisfying orgasm! I love telling you to jerk your cock while showing off my huge gorgeous titties encased in such a sexy bra! I bring my bra covered titties close up to the camera and squeeze them and jiggle them, really showing off both my sexy lacey bra and titties. I keep talking to you, instructing you to stroke your cock, until you get close to cumming then I give you a cum countdown and make you cum all over my bra cups. Mmmmm baby, that was incredibly hot and you made a huge mess on my bra! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 11 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy porn girl Princess Kristi gives you jerk off encouragement while teasing you with her big perky cleavage in a lacy pink bra for your bra fetish needs. Kristi loves making you jerk your cock with masturbation instruction in this sexy lacy bra fetish video!

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Booty Shaking Twerking in Blue Star Panties

You can find all of my shaking/twerking videos in high definition at

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All slaves should be like this

I received another tribute from somebody who loves Princess Kristi, not only did he send me a large tribute but he bought several hundreds of dollars worth of clips. This is what every one of you slaves should strive to be like!



You can send me a tribute too, go here to do it!

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