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Young Camgirl Giving JOI While Masturbation Clip

I start out this video wearing a pink tank top, pink heart thongs, and white knee high socks. I show off my juicy big butt and do a little booty shaking and a lot of ass smacking. I talk dirty to you and encourage you to stroke your cock while smacking and shaking my ass. I give my ass good hard smacks until I pull off my panties and sit down. I pull out my huge breasts and begin to rub on my pussy while telling you to stroke for me. I keep masturbating until I have a huge orgasm and I tell you to cum with me!

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy petite chick teasing with big booty and smacking ass in white knee socks. Sexy Kinky Kristi teases you with her big white booty then she strips off her panties and masturbates until she has a big orgasm in this sexy jerk off encouragement female masturbation clip!

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Blue Booty

Check out for 150+ ass videos!

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Hot Mom Soaks Purple Jeans in Pee From Overly Full Bladder

I am wearing my purple AE jeans in this video and my bladder is completely full! I have been drinking sweet tea and water all day long and I haven’t used the bathroom in over 4 hours. My bladder is just about to the bursting point but I try my best to hold it in for as long as I can. I do the pee pee dance, crotch grabbing, squatting, and more trying to hold in this hot pee but it is all in vain as it doesn’t take me long to spring a leak. Once the pee starts dribbling out it is impossible to hold the rest in. I have to release my full bladder to ease the pressue so I let it all flow out, a whole fountain of pee, right down the legs of my purple AE jeans. I keep going and going until my bladder is completely empty… then I show off my big wet mess and talk to you about how you should have been drinking it… sucking it out of my jeans, swallowing it all down…

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot MILF drinks too much and must release her very full bladder by pissing in her purple jeans! You’ll love seeing all of the pee soak through these jeans in this super sexy jeans wetting pants pissing video!

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Dark Red Toenails

What my nails look like tonight :)

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Sexy Girl Burps While Giving Jerk Off Instruction Burping Fetish Clip


You all LOVED my last burping video and I had a lot of requests to do another one except this time you wanted me to drink a lot more soda. Today I have a 1 liter bottle of ice cold Pepsi and I am wearing my sexy blue see through dress. I sit on my zebra chair and start drinking my Pepsi and the huge burps shortly follow. I keep drinking my Pepsi and I know your cock is getting so hard watching me so I tell you to pull it out and start stroking it while I’m drinking and showing off my sexy shaved pussy and huge titties. I keep instructing you to jerk your dick for me while I am letting out huge burps and rubbing on my sexy pussy and titties. I keep drinking and before long I have drunk the whole bottle of Pepsi and lot of TONS of burps and you are getting ready to blow your load for me! I give you a cum countdown and make you blow a huge load for me and my sexy burping self! Hot burping jerk off instruction video!

Runtime: 19 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot girl gives jerk off instruction while burping from over drinking soda! Sexy MILF Kristi loves drinking too much soda and belching huge burps while letting you jerk your cock in this hot burping masturbation instruction video!

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Bikini Butt

Happy #SexySaturday !!

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