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Blue Jeans Jerk Off Encouragement Jeans Fetish Video

“Blue Jeans Jack Off Encouragement”
I just know how much you love my big juicy 41 inch ass and especially when I squeeze it in to a tight pair of jeans! Today I start out wearing my sexy slutty panties then I squeeze my huge ass in to a pair of tight jeans and tell you to worship my ass! I make you worship my huge juicy ass then I encourage you to jack off to my ass and blow your load all over my jean clad ass! Hot jeans jack off encouragement video!

 Runtime: 7:21 minutes.

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Hot Girl Wearing Pink Gloss and Lipstick Fetish Clip


Hi lipstick lovers! I am back with a brand new lipstick color. This is a sexy pink and it sure does look good on my lips. I even have some very wet looking gloss today too. I show you my unpainted lips first then I start applying my pink lipstick. I get it on nie and thick while talking to you then I apply some gloss. I like my gloss really thick so it looks very wet and you are going to love the way my lips look after I put on several coats of lipstick and gloss. I even apply more lipstick on top of my gloss then an extra layer of gloss. I have SO much lipstick on my lips and they look so shiny and wet, you are going to love it!

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky milf Kristi shows off her sexy lips and applies a sexy pink lipstick and gloss in this incredibly sexy lipstick fetish video!

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My Long Wet Tongue Fetish Video

I’ve been getting lots of requests lately to do another tongue video. In this video I am wearing sexy red lipstick and my mouth is really wet! I stick my tongue out as far as it will go and let you get a good look before I bring it close up to the camera and let you see every detail of my wet juicy tongue in high definition! After I let you see my tongue upclose I pull it away again and pull out my titties so you can see my tits and my tongue together at the same time!

Runtime: 4 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy camgirl Kristi shows off her long pink wet tongue so you can jerk off to her sexy wet tongue fetish video!

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