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Here is a #ThongThursday pic! Follow me on Twitter, I post lots of naughty pics!

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Bring on the New Year!!

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a minute since I blogged…. I was busy with Christmas like you probably were too. Anyways, I am back in action and going to be blogging lots and doing lots of new videos again so be sure to check back here often to be the first to know!

Enjoy these pictures I have taken recently and be sure to follow me on Twitter!
This picture set was posted a couple of weeks ago on
New panties I bought…. love them!
#WhootyWednesday pic

Screencap from one of my Christmas booty shake videos at
Picture from my newest pic set which will be available this Friday only at
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Christmas Pics!

Here are a few Christmas pictures I have taken recently. I am going to be posting 2 Christmas sets this year on my site. One will be on this upcoming Friday and the next will be on next Friday 🙂 I just love Christmas and couldn’t just do one set so you get 2.

Screen cap from my Christmas booty shaking video that will be up on Friday on

Pic from 1 of my Christmas sets for

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Extra Lunch Money!!

I am now on a really cool site called Extra Lunch Money. You can buy all kinds of videos and custom videos and I have uploaded all of my videos to it as well. I will also be listing some custom stuff within the next week so you should be sure to bookmark me!

Click here to check me out on Extra Lunch Money!

TexasKristi Extra Lunch Money Intro Video by kinkykristi

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Day 6: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

Day 6: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I was born March 6th so I am a Pisces. I love being a Pisces and I totally think that sign fits my personality. The first obvious connection is how much I love water. I have always wanted to live on the beach and I go to the beach as often as I can. I also love hanging out at rivers as well and that is usually where I can be found in the summer. As much as I love water, I do not like fishing!!!

I also pay attention to my horoscope daily and everyday it is so close to what is actually going on in my life that it is unreal! I sometimes cannot believe how accurate my horoscopes are!

So yes, I do think I am a total Pisces by nature and I would not ever change that for anything!

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Sorry for not updating in a few days…. I have been sick! I swear it’s always one thing after another after another. Everybody in my house was sick early in the week so obviously I didn’t have much “me” time when I am cleaning up tons of puke but now yesterday it finally passed to me and I have been super sick since yesterday afternoon. I will be fine tomorrow though, luckily this is one of those 24 hour type bugs that passes quickly. I am feeling a lot better today but am just sooooo tired, all I want to do is sleep and that is so not like me. Anyways, just wanted to pop in and let everybody know! I might work on my blog a little tonight while I am laying in bed but it’s not a guarantee since I do still feel pretty crappy.

Here are some pics I have taken recently! Enjoy!

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Day 5 : Your favorite comfort foods and why.

Ok so I am back at the 30 day challenge… I took some time off for Thanksgiving.

My favorite comfort foods… well it’s so hard to pick a couple because I just love food. You can probably tell that by looking at my huge ass but whatever, I love to eat and I love food. There is no shame in my game.

#1 – Mexican food! More specifically, beans and rice. Yes sometimes when I go get take out food I only order a huge side of refried beans, rice, chips, and salsa and that is what I eat. I live in south Texas though so Mexican food is very prominent here and I grew up eating it. That is definitely my #1 favorite comfort food.

#2 – My homemade chili with crackers, cheese, and sour cream! I am not the greatest cook but the things I do cook are truly awesome. My chili is no exception… it is soooo good….mmmm! I like to make a huge crockpot full of it and then when it is done I make myself a huge bowl and put lots of shredded cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream and I eat it with only crackers! I don’t even use a spoon! So good.

#3 – Stuffed jalapenos and ranch dressing! Ok so I know that one is a weird one but it’s true. I love love love stuffed jalapenos and especially the ones you can get from Jack in the Box that are breaded and fried then you dip them in ranch….. omg so good! I eat them for breakfast probably twice a week on most weeks…. yes for breakfast. I know I’m weird.

Welp those are my top favorite comfort foods. I know there are probably more but I can’t think of them and I am eating right now so I don’t feel like trying to think of them…lol

Those foods always make me feel better no matter how down I am. What’s your favorite comfort foods?

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