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So today was good. Had to drive a couple of hours to go visit somebody who is about to have a total blood transfusion…. weird shit right? Anyways other than that I am just counting down the hours to Thanksgiving. I seriously cannot wait! I just can’t wait! I love it! I love this whole season and I love everything about it. I even bought some awesome festive smelly candles to start burning on Thanksgiving morning. I already put up my Christmas tree this previous weekend and I love that too!

I get to go to my sister’s house tomorrow for her Thanksgiving because she always does hers the day before since I do mine on Thanksgiving. I am going to be making my pies tomorrow and I am thinking about throwing a pumpkin cheesecake into the mix this year as well. I have never tried that before but I am thinking it would be really yummy. I love pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole…mmmmmm. I am also going to cook my ham tomorrow too because I can’t fit a bunch of sides and the turkey and the ham in the oven at once. Actually I might just put the ham in at around midnight tomorrow then wake up at 6 or 7 and take it out and then put the turkey in. I buy those huge juicy bone in hams so they take about 6-7 hours to cook depending on the weight and this is a 15 pound ham. The turkey is 10 pounds I think. I am not a huge fan of turkey and I wouldn’t make it at all if it wasn’t traditional.

So yep that’s what’s in store for my week. I am going to be a busy busy girl tomorrow…. I like to totally deep clean everything and look like a perfect little housewife on big holidays when everybody comes over even though this is far from the truth….lol. Well not that far but my house is certainly not clean all the time and I like for people to think that it is. I am also going to start camming again the week after Thanksgiving so you guys have something to look forwards to!

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Day 4 : Your views on religion

This is always a touchy subject amongst people, especially online. I am going to write about it anyways.

My views on religion are pretty much non-existent. If I had to say I was some kind of religion, I wouldn’t know what to say. I guess I would say that I am spiritual but I am not religious. I don’t know what I believe exactly but I don’t believe that there is some magical figure in the sky that can snap his fingers and create Earth and people and shit like that. I do believe that there is *something* out there and I do believe that there is some sort of afterlife. After all, it has been proven that every human has an electric energy inside them and it has to go somewhere at death, it doesn’t just disappear so obviously we do go on after death. I just don’t believe in the god that Christians believe in and I don’t fully support Christianity because most Christians are nothing more than hippocratic bible thumping conservative assholes. Not all of them, but most of them. Living in Texas I see the full extent of this and I hate it.

Besides that, every since religion became widespread the world has turned to shit. There has been more wars caused because of religion than any other reason at all. The most heinous crimes have been committed because of religion. I just don’t think religion does anything for anybody. Religion causes so many problems because people do not understand it. I found this while I was researching the subject, this is a quote from a spiritual writer named Klienwachter….

“Religion is not spirituality, it is man’s attempt to explain spirituality. It is observable, what religion has done for us. You need not take my word. You can read about it in the paper any day of the week. It has not served us well. If fact it has down right, failed us miserably. It is not working for us any more today, than it did thousands of years ago. It certainly has not brought us peace on earth. It has divided man from man, man from women, man from his environment and man from God.”

I mean how much more true could this be? Anyways, that’s about all I have to say about it. I am certainly not against anybody who believes in any religion and people can believe in whatever they want. I just don’t bother myself with it because it does nothing but cause problems in the world and I want no part in it.

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Day 3 : Your Top 5 Pet Peeves

My top 5 pet peeves….

1. People who whine and complain about everything. I don’t mean the casual complaint either… I mean like everything that comes out of their mouth is negative boo hoo shit. I hate hate hate that! I am a totally positive upbeat person and I just don’t have any time for crybabies.

2. This is similar to #1 but different: Adults who act like little kids. I can’t stand grown ass people who get their feelings hurt over childish petty bullshit like not having a birthday party thrown for them or not getting a cake for their birthday. I mean really people? You are 30 years old, do you NEED a birthday cake or a party? I thought that shit was for kids. Act like a fucking adult for Christ’s sake.

3. Jealous women. This is another thing that just bothers the crap out of me. I can’t stand all of the drama bullshit I see on a daily basis in the online porn world. There is always somebody talking shit or hating or calling other girls out over some stupid crap that’s not even worth it. I don’t even associate with people like that. It’s obvious they are just as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside when they act like a bunch of bitches.

4. Animals who act like they are starving 24 hours a day. Heh this is a funny one but I am totally serious. I have 2 bulldogges and 3 cats and I feed all of them 2-3 times a day but the bastards still follow me around begging for scraps of food ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. The cats are so bad they will sit and do this awful hungry meow all fucking day… all fucking day… I am totally not lying. They act like they haven’t been fed in weeks. Ugh it makes me so mad, it makes me not want to feed them for a couple of days.

5. People who can’t spell. Mainly just women who can’t spell…. men don’t bother me so much for some reason but when I see a chick online who cannot spell it just drives me mad. I want to correct them so bad but I don’t. My main peeves are the ones who write “there” instead of “their”, “your” instead of “you’re”, and any stupid abbreviations like “u” when you could of just typed 2 extra letters and made the correct word “you”. This is especially bad when they claim to be in college or have a college degree and still write like this…. makes me wonder what kind of college they are going to.

Welp that’s my 5 top pet peeves… that’s really the only pet peeves I have. I am generally a really happy care free person but those 5 things just drive me nuts… I try to ignore it but I can’t 🙂

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Boobs and Belly!

Thought I would share a pic with you guys this morning 🙂

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Day 2 : Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

Hmmm this is a pretty easy one since I already know what I am going to do for my retirement…. which yes, I plan to do within 10 years. I am going to be living in Alaska! I want to get atleast 40-50 acres of land just a little ways outside of town so in the winter I can still go get what I need when the heavy snow starts falling. No I do not want to live way the hell out in the boonies 😉 Yes I do know it will be cold! That’s what my family will be doing within the next 10 years and since I have all boys, I have a ton of free labor to build my cabin!

To do this, I need to have some serious money saved up and that’s what I am working on right now. I did have a pretty good sized bank account a couple of years ago but I wiped it completely out paying off my second house in full so I am having to start back from scratch which is definitely taking some work but I don’t mind the challenge. I’ll also be able to rent this house out for a pretty good paycheck every month to help my expenses in Alaska. I already sold my first house and they will be making their last payment on it in January 2013. I just have to save up enough to live on and enough to buy a nice RV to live in while we are building our house. The RV has to obviously be big enough for 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kids, and 2 adults so I’m not talking about something you pull behind a truck….lol!

Anyways, that’s my plan for the next 10 years! Hustle hustle hustle and get the hell out of Texas!

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Day 1: Describe how many and what types of pets you have

This one is “Describe how many and what types of pets you have”.

I am a big animal lover and all my life I grew up with a shit ton of animals. When I was younger my mom would bring in every stray animal she found and I think at our peak we had 27 cats and 6 dogs… and a couple of pot bellied pigs. No we were not animal horders… well not me anyways, she may have been now that I think about it.

Anyways, I refuse to have that many animals because they just plain piss me off most days but I do love the animals that I have.

Ok so I have 4 dogs in all. I have 2 pitbulls who live outside to protect the house and property. I know it sucks that they have to live outside but they have a huge yard and an awesome dog house, plus if they came inside they would literally destroy everything.

My other 2 dogs are Olde English Bulldogges. These are my pride and joys… they are just the most awesome dogs in the world and mighty expensive too. They have the best personalities and are so so so smart. If you ever have a couple thousand dollars to spend on a dog I highly recommend these guys. They are the best… but only if you get them from a good breeder, don’t cheap out and get a scrappy bulldogge. My female bulldogge is from blue ribbon champion bloodline and my male is just a bad ass.

Next I have 3 cats. 2 of them are brother and sister and I have had them since the moment they were born. I adopted a cat about 9 years ago and it turned out that she was pregnant (I didn’t know this) and shortly after I got her she gave birth to 8 kittens. Luckily I was able to dump the other 6 on my mom and sisters because I sure as hell did not want 9 freaking cats. So I kept a brother and sister and the mom but the mom ran away after a few months. Later on a cute little kitten showed up at my house and refused to live so after trying to make it go home for a few weeks I decided to keep it. That’s the story of my 3 cats.

Finally I have a shit ton of fish but the most awesome of them all is my huge Red Tiger Oscar. I got him when he was about the size of a quarter and I didn’t know how big they got. Well here it is a year later and this damn fish is a foot long and still growing! I have to upgrade my aquarium pretty soon because he is outgrowing it.

Welp, that’s my animals in a nutshell. I have quite the little furry family don’t I?

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30 Day Blog Challenge… Again!!

So now that I am getting my shit together and not being a slacker I am totally going to do the 30 day blog challenge that I was suppose to do in September but I didn’t…. because I was a slacker. If you want to see the topics click here. So I am about to do the first day, stay tuned!!

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