20 Second Cum Challenge

It’s time for another installment of my super sexy intense cum challenge series! This one is going to be extra tough so I hope your cock can handle it! I am going to tease you tremendously with my incredible sexy pregnant body and you are not allowed to stroke your cock at all until the end of the video. At the end, I will set the timer on my phone for 20 seconds and I will allow you to see my big beautiful breasts. When I start the timer you will have 20 seconds to jerk as fast as possibly can and to cum within that 20 seconds. If you don’t succeed the first time you’ll have to replay the clip and redo the challenge over and over again until you can finally cum within that 20 seconds. Sound like fun? Oh, you know it is… it definitely is. You shouldn’t have any winning this sexy JOI game with the help of my perfect pregnant body!

This video does NOT feature any sort of domination/humiliation so everybody can play along!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

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