15 Facts About Me

This topic is going to be a long one and it took me a lot longer than you think to write this out.

1. I love Pepsi. I used to like Dr. Pepper which is what everybody likes in south but I ventured out into forbidden territory and bought a Pepsi one day and I never looked back! My favorite is Wild Cherry Pepsi but I love the original as well.

2. I’ve been in the adult industry since the month after I turned 18. My 10 year anniversary is coming up in April of 2014. I love my job and I would never leave it. I’ve taken long breaks here and there but this is where I belong and I’ll be doing granny porn one day 🙂

3. I have 3 kids…. and no, I am not having any more. Yup, that’s right. I have had 3 kids in the past 11 years. As much as my pregnancy fans hate it I will not be having any more kids. I am happy with my 3 boys and I never wanted to have any daughters so I am perfectly content with my happy family.

4. My favorite color is green. I freaking love green and one day I want a lime green car!

5. I don’t care much for the sun and I never go out in it. Which explains why I am so pale….

6. My favorite weather is rain! I love it when it rains and I wish it would rain so much more!

7. I was born with white blonde hair and it starting darkening when I was around 8 years old and it kept getting darker and darker until it reached this beautiful dark brown shade is it now.

Ummmm… yeah. That’s all I could think of. I suck at this 😉

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