100 Strokes of Your Dick

I want to play a new game with you today. This one is called “100 Strokes” and it’s pretty easy to understand. I am going to give you exactly 100 strokes of your dick while looking at my beautiful Princess body and you will be expected to come on the 100th stroke. You may only stroke when I tell you to and you must go at the pace I set. I will give you plenty of teasing with my perfect Goddess body and I will count each stroke out loud for you…. do you think you can win this challenge?

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot Goddess Kristi gives you only 100 strokes of your dick to cum for her sexy Goddess body and if you can’t do it you get to suffer with blue balls at the hands of your gorgeous Goddess Kristi in this sexy jerk off instruction clip!

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